In representations of fountain on a number line us can show fractions ~ above a number line. In stimulate to represent 1/2 top top the number line, attract the number line and mark a point A to stand for 1.

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Now, divide the gap between O and also A right into two equal parts. Allow T it is in the suggest of division. Then, suggest T to represent 1/2.


To stand for 1/3 ~ above a number line, we divide the gap in between O and also A right into 3 same parts. Let T and Q be the points of division. Then, T to represent 1/3 and Q represents 2/3, due to the fact that 2/3 means 2 components out the 3 equal components as displayed below.



In order to stand for 3/5 on a number line, we division the gap between 0 and 1 right into 5 same parts and take first 3 parts from 0 as shown below.


Fraction 3/5 on a Number Line


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