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Manhattan’s 14th Street is a major connector between the Lower east Side, Union Square and the Meatpacking District. The 14th Street Busway is designed come prioritize moving the most people and also goods safely and reliably, if still providing local access for all roadway users.

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Every day between 6 AM and also 10 PM, just buses, trucks and also emergency vehicles might travel follow me Manhattan’s 14th Street between 3rd Avenue and also 9th Avenue. All other vehicles may make neighborhood trips to accessibility businesses, residences and also garages follow me 14th Street, but drivers have to make the next accessible right turn.

Between 10 afternoon to 6 AM, all vehicles may make thru trips along 14th Street.

How to usage 14th Street


6 am To 10 PM

Only buses and also trucks may make thru trips between 9th avenue and third Avenue. All various other vehicles might make neighborhood trips to accessibility the curb and garages, yet must turn at the next obtainable right. Commercial vehicles might load and also unload in temporary metered loading zones. Passenger vehicles may drop-off and also pickup all along the corridor.

10 pm To 6 AM

All vehicles might make with trips along the corridor. No Parking regulations allow expeditious loading and also unloading follow me the corridor.

All Times

All vehicles are restricted from do left transforms off of 14th Street (except MTA buses in ~ signed locations).

14th Street Busway Map (pdf)




After a effective pilot, the well-known 14th Street Busway to be made long-term in June 2020, with a arrangement to expand bus lanes east.

The 14th Street Busway pilot, formerly known together the 14th Street Transit and also Truck Priority Pilot Project, has actually received international attention, together it has efficiently increased bus speed by as lot as 24% and ridership through as much as 30%. DOT started to pilot a Transit and also Truck Priority style on 14th Street top top October 3, 2019. The pilot project aimed come launch in coordinate with M14A/D choose Bus Service, which began on July 1, 2019.

The project, which serves about 28,000 everyday M14 riders, combines blocks of exclusive access and standard bus lanes to administer bus priority from nine Avenue to first Avenue.

Better Buses Restart: market de Blasio Announces major Projects to speed Buses during City’s Phased Reopening (June 4, 2020)Mayor de Blasio Releases very first 14th Street Busway Report (December 18, 2019) DOT and also MTA Transit proceed Successful Rollout of 14th Street Transit Priority with new Bus Boarding Platforms and Sidewalk Widening (November 6, 2019)Mayor de Blasio Announces the 14th Street Busway Takes result Today (October 3, 2019)Statements from mayor de Blasio and also Commissioner Trottenberg ~ above 14th Street Busway (September 27, 2019)Mayor de Blasio Announces task to Get new Yorkers relocating on 14th Street (April 24, 2019)

Community Outreach and Reports

Monitoring Report & online Survey

Independent surveillance report and also online inspection of the 14th Street Transit & van Priority Pilot task by Sam Schwartz Engineering


Community groups and also local stakeholders provided valuable intake on the 14th Street Transit and Truck Priority Pilot Project and also M14A/D SBS plan process. DOT and MTA made gift to these teams to share information around SBS and received feedback throughout the plan process.


14th Street Busway brochure (pdf to update October 2019)

Frequently asked Questions

Where can I it is in dropped turn off or picked up? Pickups and drop-offs are permitted throughout the corridor; drivers are responsible for complying with traffic rules. For some, it might be faster to arrange for pickup or drop-off at the closest nearby avenue.Why room left turns banned? Left rotate bans save buses from acquiring stuck behind turning vehicles and also increase pedestrian safety; left turns are linked with high prices of pedestrian injuries.Why space trucks allowed? 14th Street is a designated van route. Allowing trucks helps to limit truck website traffic on next streets.Which vehicles are taken into consideration trucks? any type of vehicle that has much more than 2 axles OR six or much more wheels is thought about a truck.

Example of trucks enabled along the corridor at every times.Where is advertising loading allowed? short-lived loading zones are provided along the corridor every work from 6 to be to 10 pm; meters space in result Monday to Saturday.How is the busway enforced? limitations are applied through automated cameras along 14th Street. NYPD web traffic agents may additionally issue summonses.How is 14th Street Busway enforced? automatically cameras along 14th Street monitor appropriate use the the busway and also NYPD traffic agents may likewise issue summonses.How are curb regulation enforced? Curb regulation are implemented by NYPD website traffic agents; automated cameras might only be used for bus lane enforcement.

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Select Bus service is a joint project of DOT and also MTA new York City Transit (medtox.orgT). Like other bus service, M14A/D choose Bus organization is operated by medtox.orgT. If you have actually questions or comments around the M14A/D select Bus Service, including bus schedules, fare collection machines, fare enforcement, or general MTA concerns (Metrocard, subway) please contact the MTA virtual or speak to 511.

If you have actually a transportation-related problem, comment or question around the 14th Street Busway, contact the Commissioner online,or send a letter.