This AR-15 top assembly is made from the highest possible quality parts and is assembled in Charleston, south Carolina. 7075-T6 Aluminum Mil-Spec Anodized recipient Carbine length Gas pipe Assembly 24" .223 WYLDE Barrel Bull Barrel No Flute twist Rate: 1:8 15" CBC MLOK Handguard*Does not incorporate Bolt Carrier team & Charging handle -

All CBC premium high quality uppers, kits, and rifles space custom-built and handcrafted to order. The existing build-to-delivery time the this product can be as much as 3-5 days.

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This AR-15 top assembly is do from the greatest quality parts and also is assembled in Charleston, southern Carolina.

7075-T6 AluminumMil-Spec Anodized ReceiverCarbine size Gas pipe Assembly24″ .223 WYLDE BarrelBull Barrel No FluteTwist Rate: 1:815″ CBC MLOK Handguard

*Does not incorporate Bolt Carrier team & Charging Handle

Product Details: AR-15 upper Assembly – 24″ / .223 WYLDE / 1:8 / Bull Barrel / 15″ CBC eight MLOK Handguard

➲ M-LOK Handguard

New because that 2020, this AR-15 handguards are developed to administer rugged, reliable performance. Designed with the advanced shooter in mind, these handguards room both sleek and ergonomic in the hand and also that equates into much faster on-target performance and ease that use. This AR handguards carry out M-LOK slot for mounting attachments and also feature durable steel mounting hardware come ensure straightforward rock-solid installation.

➲ .936 short Profile Gas Block

The gas block is a crucial link in the chain that is too frequently overlooked. This component ensures the your AR runs reliably. Do from high-quality steel with a smooth nitride finish, this .936 low-profile gas block is successfully designed to stay put with the percussion of gunfire. V its low profile, this gas block permits it come fit under the many ergonomically draft handguards and also rails on the market.

➲ upper Receiver

The structure of all good ARs is built upon a trusted upper receiver. CBC top receivers sell best-in-class quality while offering you year of dependable service. Boasting a MIL-SPEC type III difficult coat anodized finish and also machined native 7075-T6 forged aluminum, this M4 flat-top receiver delivers a lifetime of premium function. You want your AR developed upon a solid platform - this receiver offers you the confidence the your AR-15 will duty when that counts most.

➲ Rifle size Gas Tube

An necessary component to her AR15 is the gas tube, which keeps your develop up and also running. This rifle-length gas pipe is constructed from corrosion resistant stainless stole ensuring a life time of service.

➲ Barrel

The barrel is one of the few components the directly affect the accuracy and weight of your ar build. Designed for corrosion resistance, this barrel will certainly not let girlfriend down. This barrel makes use of the popular and versatile .223 Wylde chamber, which enables for the safe usage of 5.56 NATO ammunition and also enhance reliability. Thus, being the perfect barrel for lengthy distance shooting, competitions, searching and practically any shooting application you’ll topic your AR-15 too.

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CBC gives a broad selections that AR-15 top assemblies in a variety of styles and lengths - every partial AR-15 uppers are assembled with everything less the charging handle and bolt transport group. Ours partial top assemblies offer quality and performance the will meet the most demanding shooter. Better yet, all CBC AR-15 uppers room custom built-to-order permitting us to carry out you v the finest prices you will discover anywhere. The quality of ours AR-15 uppers are backed by our lifetime Warranty - if any type of CBC top assembly i do not care defective, we will repair or replace it at no charge. Acquire your AR-15 top assembly in ~ CBC today!

Additional information

WeightDimensionsCaliberRail/HandguardBarrel Length
6.75 lbs
36 × 4.5 × 4.5 in

.223 Wylde





First something needs too it is in said around customer service. This guys and also gals space on point. Rapid shipping and an extremely quick to respond to concerns or concerns. Currently on too the upper. This is a very good upper in ~ a good price suggest but not without its issues. I matched this upper to a ST lower, rifle buffer mechanism with PRS stock, SD3g trigger and also API NBIX bolt carrier group. Finish and fit where great but did have actually a couple of little blemishes on the CBC rail. No large deal and not really noticeable. Tiny deviation in Rail and upper yet does not influence function. I did need to re pen the gas tube and gas block as I to be venting a little more gas 보다 I would prefer from the pin the was installed. Upper was transport bone dry. I mean DRY. Tiny bit that cleaning fabric was left in the barrel too but…hey ..they cleaned it. Chalk that up together a win. The barrel punched out well and also runs below MOA with 72gr HPBT all day every day. As whole I’ve been really pleased with the top quality of this product and much more than impressed with the service. If your in search of an upper for your following DMR construct you should really take into consideration this one. Nothing rather I’ve discovered any much better anywhere near this price point.



(Please forgive the assignment mistakes) Bought simply this barrel indigenous this fine firm put it in an aero precision upper through a SRC reliabolt and carrier and also a breek market 17 inch free float forend. Have to say first off the shoots amazing. 1 inch groups at 300 yards every day when I worked up part 55grain Nosler Varmageddon loads. (And this is whereby it lost a star on the review.) but if you arrangement on shooting cheap tula or wolf ammo it is in wary this barrel has actually a very short neck (distance between the front leaf of the casing and also where the rifling starts.) The tula and wolf ammo ogive will communicate the rifling upon chambering the ring Which causes extremely high pressure and potentialy catastrophic falure. Also if girlfriend decide no to fire the round as soon as chambered its almost imposible to open up the bolt because the cartridge is stuck in the rifling. However with that being claimed my on purpose is not to complain about the barrel in ~ all. I’m generally shooting hand tons through it and also with common ogive the all except for tula and also wolf ammo it functions outstanding. Just please be careful if friend do arrangement on shooting the tula and also wolf. If this testimonial keeps one person from having actually a catastrophic failure then it’s precious it.