BMI Grading Table2 for elevation 6"0"

WeightWeight Class
Below 136.4 lbsUnderweight
136.4 lbs - 184.3 lbsNormal Weight
184.3 lbs - 221.2 lbsOverweight
221.2 lbs and also AboveObese

If you to be seeking a normal BMI load of 184.3lbs, and you shed two pounds a week4, climate you can reach a typical BMI in

235 pounds=Obese
240 pounds=Obese
245 pounds=Obese
250 pounds=Obese
255 pounds=Obese
260 pounds=Obese
265 pounds=Obese
270 pounds=Obese
275 pounds=Obese
280 pounds=Obese
285 pounds=Obese

6 foot 0 = 72 inches6 foot 0 = 182.88cm260 pounds = 18 stone 8 pounds260 pounds = 117.93 kg260 pounds = 117934.02 grams
What is the BMI for a 6"0" and also 260 lbs female? 35.26 BMI, Obese.

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What is the BMI because that a 6"0" and 260 lbs male? 35.26 BMI, Obese.What is the right weight for a 6"0" female? Between: 136.4lbs and also 184.3lbsWhat is the appropriate weight because that a 6"0" male? Between: 136.4lbs and 184.3lbsIf i am 6ft0in and also weigh 260 lbs, is that a an excellent weight because that my height?
Under the BMI classification, 260 lbs is classed together being Obese.
This page is Calculated for the adhering to Height and WeightHeight: 6" 0, 6 foot 0, 6"0", 6 ft 0 in, 6 feet 0 inches.Weight: 260 Pounds, 260 lbs.
Is this Healthy?1BMI values have actually different meanings for various body shapes. A major limitation of the BMI is that the BMI worth does not indicate the place or circulation of human body fat, two components which are essential in love health and also diabetes. If you room at all concerned with your weight or health, top a doctor or wellness professional.

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