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Casa Rosa Bldg.

Casa Rosa Building

Palm Springs draws visitors from everywhere the world with the beautiful hill ranges, enriched through culture, history, restaurant and also prosperous business climate.

This building is located in the heart of Palm Springs on one of our city\"s main thoroughfares and across from The Hyatt top top N. Palm Canyon Drive. The restaurant, i m sorry is located on the mezzanine level that the building, features a 500 SqFt dining balcony overlooking N Palm Canyon Drive, directly across from the Hyatt. The unit was recently renovated and also has upgraded tile, fixtures and a new top surface on the bar. Our 2nd space accessible can it is in for sleeve or office. It is located on the bottom floor v ample parking in the rear.


approximately 897 sf High density Traffic Area solid Tenant Mix an excellent Foot Traffic nearby to City Parking many


collection Street overcome Street traffic Volume Year street
N Palm Canyon Dr E Andreas Rd 12,686 2018 0.12 mi
E Tahquitz Canyon Way S Indian Canyon Dr 4,774 2020 0.19 mi
W Tahquitz Canyon Way S Belardo Rd 3,720 2020 0.21 mi
E Tahquitz Canyon Way S Cll Encilia 7,888 2020 0.23 mi
N Indian Cyn Dr E Alejo Rd 13,748 2018 0.24 mi
N Palm Canyon Dr W Alejo Rd 9,438 2018 0.25 mi
S Palm Canyon Dr la Plz 10,316 2018 0.26 mi
S Indian Canyon Dr la Plz 13,382 2018 0.29 mi
E Alejo Rd N Indian Cyn Dr 15,248 2020 0.31 mi
W Alejo Rd Belardo Rd 6,938 2020 0.33 mi


Airport drive walk distance
Palm Springs international Airport 10 min 4.7 mi

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