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General information
Product Number D1163
Purity / analysis Method >96.0%(GC)
Molecular Formula / molecule Weight C__6H__1__2 = 84.16
Physical State (20 deg.C) Liquid
Store Under Inert Gas Store under inert gas
Condition come Avoid Air Sensitive,Heat Sensitive
CAS RN558-37-2
Reaxys it is registered Number 1697101
PubChem problem ID 87567713
SDBS (AIST Spectral DB) 222
MDL Number


Specifications & nature
Boiling Point41 °CFlash point-28 °C
Specific gravity (20/20)0.65
Refractive Index1.38
Solubility in waterInsoluble
Solubility (soluble in)Ethanol,Ether,Chloroform

Safety & regulation

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Signal Word Danger
Hazard Statements H315 : reasons skin irritation.H319 : causes serious eye irritation.H304 : may be deadly if swallowed and also enters airways.H225 : very flammable liquid and vapor.
Precautionary Statements P501 : Dispose that contents/ container come an authorized waste handle plant.P240 : Ground/bond container and also receiving equipment.P210 : store away native heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. No smoking.P233 : keep container tightly closed.P243 : Take preventative measures against static discharge.P241 : use explosion-proof electrical/ ventilating/ lighting/ equipment.P242 : Use just non-sparking tools.P264 : wash skin thoroughly after handling.P280 : Wear safety gloves/ eye protection/ challenge protection.P370 + P378 : In situation of fire: use dry sand, dry chemical or alcohol-resistant foam to extinguish.P331 : execute NOT induce vomiting.P337 + P313 : If eye irritation persists: get medical advice/ attention.P305 + P351 + P338 : IF IN EYES: to wash cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove call lenses, if present and also easy to do. Continue rinsing.P303 + P361 + P353 : IF on SKIN (or hair): take off immediately all contaminated clothing. To wash skin v water/shower.P332 + P313 : If skin irritation occurs: get medical advice/ attention.P301 + P310 : IF SWALLOWED: immediately call a toxicity CENTER/doctor.P362 : Take off contaminated clothing and also wash prior to reuse.P403 + P235 : save in a well-ventilated place. Save cool.P405 : save locked up.