Gender and FriendshipsOpposite Sex FriendshipsMediated Friendships

Learning Outcomes

Differentiate between same-sex and opposite sex friendships. Advice J. Donald O’Meara five distinct difficulties that opposite-sex relationships have. Define and also explain the hatchet “postmodern friendship.” Appraise the prestige of cross-group friendships. Translate the influence that mediated technologies have actually on friendships.

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So much in this chapter, we’ve explored the foundational building blocks for expertise friendships. We’re currently going to rest friendships down by looking in ~ them in several different contexts: gender and friendships, cross-group friendships, and also mediated friendships.

Gender and Friendships

Based top top a more traditional differentiation of both same and opposite sex friendships, early friendship research separated friendships into two categories communal and agentic. Communal friendships were significant by intimacy, personal/emotional expressiveness, amount of self-disclosure, quality of self-disclosure, confiding, and emotional supportiveness.43 Agentic friendships, ~ above the various other hand, to be activity-centered. Figure 1 illustrates 3 curves linked with these concepts. The an initial one reflects women being communal and men gift agentic in their friendships, which to be a usual perspective on the nature of sex differences and friendships. In reality, study demonstrated that both males and also females deserve to have communal relationships even though females report notedly greater levels that communality in their friendships (second set of curves). As for agency, women and men were uncovered to both have actually agentic friendships, and also there was significant overlap between the two teams here, with males being slightly much more agentic (seen in the third collection of curves).

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We should additionally note that study in the ar of communication has listed that an individual’s organic sex contributes to perhaps 1% that the differences between “females” and also “males.”59 So, why would certainly we usage the words “same” and also “opposite” to differentiate friendship lines once there is an ext similarity in between groups 보다 not? as such, we agree through the definition and conceptualization the the term created by Mike Monsour and also William Rawlins’ “postmodern friendships.”60 A postmodern friendship is one whereby the “participants co-construct the individual and also dyadic realities within particular friendships. This co-construction entails negotiating and affirming (or not) identities and also intersubjectively developing relational and an individual realities with communication.”61 Ultimately, this perspective enables individuals to produce their own friendship identities that might or may not be based on any type of sense of classic gender identities.