While these 2 anime are around two entirely different things, lock are additionally fundamentally very similar. They are both what ns would call a true "adventure" anime. Where the anime is about setting off on a trip to walk somewhere important to them, they room both excellent and highly pertained to anime.

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-both is about exploring the unknown. -Made in Abyss is an exploration within an unknown world in the facility of the planet with plenty of strange creatures and side effects on the person body together the depth increases as Sora Yori is around an exploration in the coldest location on the Planet and how the trip is made come Antarctica (very interesting)
Our protagonist is a young girl that is desperate and determined to go dangerous journey into harsh atmosphere in order to discover her missing mother.
Both made In Abyss and also A Place additional Than the Universe function young, middle to high school age children and their love because that the an excellent beyond. Shirase and Riko space both traveling to harsh lands to discover their mothers and make friends and also allies along the way. Made In Abyss has a dark tone, violence and some truly love wrenching moment while A Place more Than the cosmos is lighthearted, much more like a part of Life display like K-ON. However, if you space captivated through unfamiliar, harsh landscapes and also exploring the unknown climate you will certainly love both of these shows.
Typically follows the same layout with kids embarking on one adventure to a an overwhelming place through the goal of reuniting with one of the protagonist's love one. The protagonists in both reflects experienced gift underestimated and challenged before they space able to set out on their journey.Both shows exude a design template of overcoming odds and never offering up ~ above one's dream hence delivering a feeling of inspiration and also freedom. If you were captivated by the atmosphere and curiosity of trying out the vast unknown by one of these shows, then chances are you'd more than likely like the other. It is in wary though, that Made in Abyss is darker and also heavy whereas Sora Yori is lighthearted. Check out more
In every episode, the feeling of emptiness grow bigger because in both animes the MC travels past "possible" seek for she mother. Adventure, friendship and also relationships, storage of a current past...The computer animation is flawless, and also it has actually the capability to move the viewer's kokoro :)
Both have characters that adventure right into unfamiliar people while facing obstacles on the way. The art layout is also somewhat similar, together the personality designs space not stereotypical as you would see in most anime.
Made in Abyss and A Place additional Than the world both monitor the story of a young girl leaving house to uncover her mother, whom she trust to it is in missing, but whom everyone else to trust is dead. Both journeys have the odds stacked versus them, yet where APFTTU focuses more on character relationships and also the intimacy between friends, make in Abyss concentrates on exploration and also discovering one's unknown past.
Adventure-A Longing of being going right into the unknown.In A Place additional than the universe, they space going come Antarctica, which is not wherein casual travellers would walk to.In make in Abyss, over there is this abyss the the unknown wherein it has 'layers' and each of the layers has actually its ecosystems, flora and fauna. Climate there is the hazard of ascending. Feelings-Both anime have actually Its 'feels' In A Place additional than the universe, over there is a feeling of gratification when they with Antarctica which cannot be explained with words.In make in Abyss, over there is the mystery surrounding the layers and what they are. Look in ~ the map. What the hell is that? Is that a new 'World'? or Is that a large monster that ... 'shit is about to walk down'? check out more

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