The integrated Windows 10 application home windows Fax and Scan is useful for scanning documents and also images. Microsoft has released the main scanning application for home windows 10 (available in the Store), yet many users like to usage the standard Windows Fax and also Scan.

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When you usage Windows Fax and also Scan come scan a paper or image, friend may obtain the blog post “A difficulty prevented the file from being scanned. Try again, or refer to the help and Support section or the troubleshooting information that came through the scanner.”

If you acquire the very same error once trying come scan a document or image, shot the following solutions to successfully scan the record or image.

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How to settle the “A problem Prevented the record from gift Scanned” errorFrequently asked Questions

What reasons the “Problem walk not allow the file to it is in scanned” error?


General malfunction: This trouble may be caused by a general malfunction caused through a long duration of inactivity. In this case, you deserve to solve the problem by transforming the machine off and on again come erase short-lived data that may be leading to the problem. You can also shot running printer Troubleshooter to watch if any type of of the automatically repair strategies deserve to solve the problem.

Windows picture Capture company is disabled: scan work are only processed when the WIA service is running. If that is disabled or top top hold, you must restart it and configure it to remain open before running scan tasks on your computer.

Insufficient permissions: If this error occurs as soon as trying to operation a scan job using the home windows Fax and also Scan utility, shot opening the application through administrator privileges and see if that solves the problem.

Setup and alignment job not completed: If this error occurs with a new printer, you might need to finish the setup and alignment the the cartridges by print a check page before the printer will allow you come scan anything.

Old printer/scanner associated to USB 3.0: If girlfriend are having actually this problem with your old scanner, you might need to move to a USB 2.0 harbor to get rid of the incompatibility enabled by the brand-new USB format. Also, if you are using the former USB port, move to the behind port come ensure that the maker is saturated powered.

Corrupt OEM scanning application: This difficulty can also be led to by a corruption scanning application. If this scenario applies, you have the right to get roughly the problem by utilizing a proprietary scanning application, such as HP’s Scan expanded utility, or through downloading and also using the UWP variation of home windows Scan indigenous the Microsoft Store.

Damaged StillImage key: In some cases, this error code deserve to be brought about by a damaged an essential (StillImage). In this case, you can solve the difficulty by utilizing the it is registered Editor energy to access its location and remove it.

Bad USB cable: a poorly equipment or corroded cable might be the cause of the problem. Replace it with a new one you have on hand to check out if it’s precious ordering a replacement or not.

Damaged device file: In rare cases, this trouble may be resulted in by a corrupted system file. In this case, update all operation system contents with a clean environment or on-site fix will certainly solve the trouble for you.

How to resolve the “A difficulty Prevented the record from gift Scanned” error


Removing the scanner or printer and then add it to windows 10

Click StartClick on Settings.Select her devices.Go to Printers and scanners.Click on the maker you’re having trouble withTap ~ above Delete DeviceTap Yes.Staying ~ above the very same page, click add Printer or Scanner.When the an equipment is detected, click include device

Reinstalling press Driver

Go to the maker manufacturer’s website and also download the latest driver.Press windows + XSelect an equipment ManagerSelect the Printers, Imaging Devices, or Scanners tree.Right-click ~ above your device and choose Uninstall.Select the Uninstall driver software for this maker check box.Click the ok button.Reboot.Install the driver you downloaded earlier.Afterward, you should add the printer or scanner as described in the previous steps.

Turn off and also on your scanner or printer

Your software might not identify your hardware. Make sure your scanner or printer is properly linked to her computer. Then merely turn it off, wait 10 seconds, and turn it earlier on.

Use the Scan or OEM application instead

If the error blog post persists, you have to use the main Windows scanning app available in the app Store. Alternatively, girlfriend can shot selecting the proprietary scanner software application as the scan tool.

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Frequently request Questions

Turn off your scanner or printer, then rotate it earlier on.Remove the scanner or printer, then add it to home windows 10. Click "Start."Use a scanning applications or OEM applications instead.Reinstall the printer driver.