Signalling the next chapter in that renowned background of innovation and also manufacturing excellence, the Swiss watchmaker OMEGA has actually officially opened up its newest production building at the brand’s HQ website in Bienne, Switzerland. Honoured guests because that the event consisted of the CEO of Swatch Group, Mr. Nick Hayek; the President and also CEO of OMEGA, Raynald Aeschlimann; and Head that the federal Department of economic Affairs, education and learning & research study (EAER), Mr. Johann N.

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Having very first arrived ~ above this site in 1882, the brand-new building to represent the industry’s many cutting-edge facility for watch assembly, training and quality control. Designed by the inspiring and also award-winning Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, that is an eco-friendly masterpiece built with sustainable Swiss spruce and also an ingenious at home climate and also energy concept. Inside, OMEGA has actually used the 5 floors of an are in the many effective way possible, bringing technological innovation and human expertise together for a fully modernised manufacturing process.

Mr. Nick Hayek said: “OMEGA is developing watches in ~ this historical site in the love of Biel because 1882. OMEGA is and also was a pioneer of innovation and excellence in the Swiss watch industry and also worldwide. The strong tradition that investing in new technologies, brand-new methods of production, but also in its own employees can again it is in seen v the success of this brand-new splendid OMEGA factory. It shows the brand’s commitment to the highest possible standards of watchmaking.”

Raynald Aeschlimann also gave his thoughts by saying: “Of course, we have developed a truly innovative workspace, however the genuine value the this new building is efficiency. We have actually been may be to now combine all of our assembly and testing processes under one roof. That way a complete consolidation of occupational that will help OMEGA to come to be much more productive and streamlined than ever before.”

All steps, including T2 (watch assembly), T3 (bracelets), and also T4 (shipping), and also stock and also logistics, will now be completed within the brand-new building. In addition to this, it has actually been designed for training purposes, allowing OMEGA come sharpen and also constantly enhance the skills of the staff inside.

At the core of the building, OMEGA has actually installed a totally automated storage mechanism that rises up v 3 floors the the building. Prefer something native a science-fiction movie, the fireproofed system contains over 30,000 boxes filled v all the vital stock required for the brand’s watchmaking. Importantly, the brand-new building has likewise been developed to residence OMEGA’s quality and technical regulate processes, consisting of the METAS experimentation for master Chronometer certification. It is below that OMEGA will certainly certify that is watches in ~ the industry’s greatest standard for precision, performance and magnetic resistance.

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With the opened of this brand-new building, the future has absolutely arrived because that OMEGA. As a brand-new generation of watch buyers emerges, the brand has now revolutionised its infrastructure in readiness to satisfy their demands.