While that still lies much closer come Nashville than vital West (like in the boisterous slide etc solo that lights up "The great Filling terminal Holdup"), Jimmy Buffett"s A White sports Coat and a Pink Crustacean does start to delineate the blowsy, good-timin" vital West persona that would certainly lead him to summer tour stardom and the adoration of millions of drinking buddies everywhere. "Why Don"t We gain Drunk," "Railroad Lady," and "Grapefruit -- Juicy Fruit" rightly came to be crowd pleasers. But Buffett reveals self a storyteller v the touching sigh the "He visited Paris," whereby a on slide guitar shows up again to loan a ethereal gleam to the arrangement, or in the gorgeous, sweetly sad story of a passed-away poet"s unlikely posthumous success. It"s in this wide-eyed honesty, as well as the winking sarcasm of the scrambling honky tonker "Peanut Butter Conspiracy" -- "We never ever took an ext than we might eat/And we always swore if we ever got rich, we"d salary the mini mart back" -- the Buffett"s flair for easygoing ease of access really emerges. White sport Coat needs to be thought about country and western music; the rambling acoustic guitars, twinges of harmonica, fiddle, and also peddle steel will execute that. Yet Buffett himself was a Nashville outcast nearly from the beginning, and also his southward migration began with this album. "I don"t desire fame that brings confusion," he sings in "My lover Lady," and also declares his desire to get out of the Music City rat race for the much more temperate climes and crab meat the the Florida Keys. As soon as there, the songwriting ingredient drifting through White sports Coat and other beforehand LPs captured the Caribbean breeze and also really took off. This is highly recommended for Buffett completists and those interested in his more introspective side.

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The great Filling terminal HoldupRailroad LadyHe saw ParisGrapefruit-Juicy FruitCuban Crime the PassionWhy Don"t We gain DrunkPeanut Butter ConspiracyThey Don"t Dance like Carmen No MoreI Have uncovered Me a HomeMy lover LadyDeath of an Unpopular Poet

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jimmy Buffett main Artist,Acoustic Guitar,Vocals,Background VocalsSteve Goodman Acoustic GuitarBuzz Cason Vocals,Background VocalsVassar Clements Fiddle,ViolinSammy Creason DrumsShane Keister SynthesizerDon Gant Vocals,Background VocalsMarvin Gardens Percussion,MaracasDoyle Grisham Guitar,Pedal stole GuitarDiane Harris lift VocalsCarol Montgomery lift VocalsFarrell Morris PercussionPhil Royster Conductor,CongaGreg "Fingers" Taylor HarmonicaMike Utley Piano,KeyboardsReggie Young Guitar,Electric GuitarEd Williams Bass,Bass GuitarShane Keester Synthesizer,Moog Synthesizer

Technical Credits

Jimmy Buffett ComposerDon Gant ProducerLee Hazen EngineerTom Corcoran ComposerTom Corchron Composer