1  n-count A year is a period of twelve month or 365 or 366 days, beginning on the an initial of January and also ending ~ above the thirty-first of December. The year to be 1840..., We had an election last year., ...the variety of people on the world by the year 2050.   → leap year 

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2  n-count A year is any duration of twelve months. The museums attract much more than two and a fifty percent million visitors a year..., She\"s done quite a little bit of job-related this previous year..., The school has actually been empty for ten years.  
3  n-count 
Year is supplied to describe the period of a person. For example, if who or something is twenty years old or two decades of age, they have lived or existed because that twenty years. num N adj/prep He\"s 58 years old..., I\"ve remained in trouble due to the fact that I to be eleven years of age..., This column is ten years old today.  
4  n-count 
A institution year or academic year is the period of time in every twelve months as soon as schools or universities room open and also students space studying there. In Britain and the joined States, the institution year beginning in September. usu adj/ord N ...the 1990/91 academic year..., The pair didn\"t have to repeat their 2nd year in ~ school.  
5  n-count 
You deserve to refer to someone who is, because that example, in their first year at institution or college as a an initial year.  (BRIT) ord N The first years and second years gained a selection of French, German and Spanish.  
6  n-count 
A jae won or service year is one exact period of twelve month which companies or organizations use together a communication for organizing their finances.  (BUSINESS) with supp He announced large tax rises for the following two gaue won years..., The company admits it will make a loss for the year ending September.  
7  n-plural 
You can use year to emphasize that you room referring to a long time., (emphasis) (=age) I haven\"t laughed so much in years..., It took me year to completely recover...  
9 If something wake up year after ~ year, that happens consistently every year. ♦year after year  phrase PHR after ~ v Regulars return year after year...  
10 If something alters year through year, it changes gradually every year. ♦year by year 
 phrase PHR after ~ v This trouble has boosted year by year..., The department has actually been shrinking year through year due to the fact that of budget plan cuts.  
11 If you speak something happens all year ring or all the year round, it happens continually throughout the year. ♦all year round 
 phrase PHR after v, PHR with cl Town gardens are ideal since they develop flowers nearly all year round..., Drinking and driving is a difficulty all the year round.  
calendar year 
  (calendar years plural )A calendar year is a duration of twelve month from January 1 come December 31. Calendar year is frequently used in company to compare through the financial year.  n-count 
financial year   (financial years plural )A gaue won year is a period of twelve months, used by government, business, and other establishments in order to calculate your budgets, profits, and losses.  (BRIT, BUSINESS)  n-count usu sing, usu v supp (=fiscal year) ...33,000 possible job casualty in the coming financial year.  in AM, usage fiscal year  
fiscal year 
  (fiscal years plural )The fiscal year is the exact same as the financial year.  (BUSINESS)  n-count usu sing, usu with supp ...the budget for the coming fiscal year.  
gap year 
 A gap year is a duration of time throughout which a college student takes a break from studying after they have finished school and before they begin college or university.  (BRIT)  n-sing I went approximately the civilization in my void year.  
leap year 
  (leap years plural )A leap year is a year which has actually 366 days. The extra day is the 29th February. Over there is a leap year every four years.  n-count 
1  n-count A light year is the street that light travels in a year. ...a star device millions of light years away.  
2  n-count 
You deserve to say that two things room light year apart to emphasize a very an excellent difference or a an extremely long street or period of time between them. INFORMAL usu pl, N prep/adv  (emphasis) She claims the French education system is irradiate years ahead of the English one...  
1  n-uncount New Year or the brand-new Year is the time when civilization celebrate the begin of a year. also the N Happy brand-new Year, everyone..., The restaurant was closed over the brand-new Year..., He changed home annually to celebrate Christmas and brand-new Year through his family.  
2  n-sing 
The brand-new Year is the first few weeks of a year. the N Isabel was expecting their baby in the brand-new Year..., The oil shortages could lead the government to advanced prices before the new Year.  
New Year\"s Day  New Year\"s job is the an initial day of the year. In Western nations this is the first of January.  n-uncount On brand-new Year\"s work in 1974, i started maintaining a journal.  
New Year\"s Eve 
 New Year\"s night is the last day of the year, the job before new Year\"s Day.  n-uncount On brand-new Year\"s Eve ns usually give a party, i beg your pardon is constantly chaotic.  
New Year\"s resolution 
  (New Year\"s resolutions plural ), new Year resolution If you do a brand-new Year\"s resolution, you do a decision in ~ the start of a year to start doing miscellaneous or to protect against doing something.  n-count She made a brand-new Year\"s resolution to gain fit.  
  (off-years plural )An off-year is a year when no major political elections room held.  (AM)  n-count oft N n Election officials guess they\"ll collection a brand-new turnout document for one off-year election in Washington state.  
tax year 
  (tax years plural )A taxes year is a particular duration of twelve months which is provided by the federal government as a basis for calculating taxes and for arranging its finances and also accounts. In Britain, the taxes year begins on April 6th and end on April 5th. In the unified States, the tax year begins on January first and ends on December 31st.  n-count 
year-long  Year-long is used to describe something the lasts because that a year.  adj ADJ n The miners finished their year-long strike in march 1985.  
 (-year-olds plural )-year-old combines with numbers to explain the age of world or things.  comb in adj ADJ n She has actually a six-year-old daughter., ...their 200-year-old farmhouse in Ohio.    -year-old likewise combines to kind nouns., comb in n-count Snow Puppies is a ski institution for 3 to 6-year-olds.  
 Year-round is offered to explain something that happens, exists, or is excellent throughout the year.  adj ADJ n Cuba has actually a tropic climate with year-round sunshine.    Year-round is also an adverb., adv ADV v cl They job-related 7 work a mainly year-round.  

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