Actions and ethics practiced on the sports field __________.A.have no affect on our honest characterB.often winter our values in everyday lifeC.are completely separate from the rest of ours lifeD.don"t have actually the same importance as our actions at school Please choose the best answer indigenous the selections provided.

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Actions and also ethics practiced on the sports ar __________. A. Have actually no influence on our honest character B. Regularly mirror our values in everyday life C. Are entirely separate from the rest of ours life D. Don"t have actually the same prestige as our behavior at college Please select the best answer native the choices provided.
Which factor is NOT crucial when play individual sports?A.excellent team workB.physical fitnessC.mental focusD.advanced skill Please choose the ideal answer from the choices provided.
Which that the complying with is taken into consideration an individual sport? Please pick the finest answer from the choices provided.


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