My code is together follows.. Controller Class:

package controllers;import helpers.InputHelper;import model.Restaurant;import model.Review;/** * *

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author mga */public course RestaurantController exclusive Object repository; private Restaurant model; // private final Repository repository; /** * */ public RestaurantController(Restaurant model) this.model=model; // come be completed /** * */ public RestaurantController() throw brand-new UnsupportedOperationException("Not supported yet."); //To adjust body of produced methods, select Tools public void run() boolean perfect = false; carry out char choice = displayMenu(); switch (choice) situation 'A': addRestaurant(); model.getName(); break; case 'B': addReview(); model.getReviewsCollection(); break; case 'C': listLocationRestaurantDataInNameOrder(); model.getLocation(); break; case 'D': listRestaurantRatings(); break; case 'Q': finished = true; when (!finished); exclusive char displayMenu() listRestaurantDataInIdOrder(); InputHelper inputHelper = new InputHelper(); System.out.print("\nA. Include Restaurant"); System.out.print("\tB. Add Restaurant Review"); System.out.print("\tC. List place Restaurant Data In name Order"); System.out.print("\tD. List Restaurant Ratings"); System.out.print("\tQ. Quit\n"); return inputHelper.readCharacter("Enter choice", "ABCDQ"); private void addRestaurant() System.out.format("\033<31m%s\033<0m%n", "Add Restaurant"); System.out.format("\033<31m%s\033<0m%n", "=============="); personal void addReview() System.out.format("\033<31m%s\033<0m%n", "Add Restaurant Review"); System.out.format("\033<31m%s\033<0m%n", "====================="); personal void listLocationRestaurantDataInNameOrder() System.out.format("\033<31m%s\033<0m%n", "Name Order"); System.out.format("\033<31m%s\033<0m%n", "=========="); personal void listRestaurantRatings() System.out.format("\033<31m%s\033<0m%n", "Restaurant Ratings"); System.out.format("\033<31m%s\033<0m%n", "=================="); exclusive void listRestaurantDataInIdOrder() System.out.format("\033<31m%s\033<0m%n", "Restaurant identifier Order"); System.out.format("\033<31m%s\033<0m%n", "==================="); RestaurantApp: parcel restaurantapp;import controllers.RestaurantController;import model.Restaurant;import model.Review;/** * *
author mga */public class RestaurantApp { /** * */ public revolution void run() System.out.println("Restaurant evaluate App\n=====================\n\n"); RestaurantController restaurantController = brand-new RestaurantController();; System.out.println("Thank friend for making use of Restaurant evaluate App. Good bye.\n"); /** *

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param args the command line disagreements */ public static void main(String<> args) RestaurantApp restaurantApp = brand-new RestaurantApp();; I keep obtaining the error top top the currently that are underlined