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You're back now at the jack-off hourThis is DJ EZ DiccOn WBALLZRight now, something new by Snoop Doggy DoggAnd this one goes out to the ladies from all the guysA big bow-wow-wow'Cause we gonna make it a small misty here tonightThis is DJ EZ DiccOn the station that slaps you across your fat ass with a fat dickWhen ns met you last night, babyBefore you opened up her gapI had respect for you, ladyBut now, i take it all back'Cause you gave me all your pussyAnd you even licked mine ballsLeave your number ~ above the cabinetAnd i promise, baby, I'll give you a callNext time I'm feelin' kinda hornyYou have the right to come ~ above overAnd I'll rest you offAnd if friend can't fuck that day, babyJust lay back and open your mouth'Cause I have actually never met a girlThat i love in the whole vast world
Well, if Kurupt offered a fuck about a bitch, I'd always be brokeI'd never have actually no motherfuckin' Indo to smokeI it s okay loc'ed and also loony, bitch, girlfriend can't do meDo us look favor BBD? friend hoochie groupieI have actually no love because that hoesThat's miscellaneous that i learned in Tha PoundSo just how the fuck to be I an alleged to salary this hoe just to lay this hoe?I understand the pussy's mines, for this reason I'mma crap a couple mo' timesAnd then I'm v with it, there's nothin' else to execute with itPass it come the homie, now you fight it'Cause she ain't nothin' however a bitch to meAnd y'all know, that bitches ain't shit to meI gives a fuck, why don't y'all salary attention?Approach her v a various propositionI'm Kurupt, ho, you'll never be my only one, trick-ass bitch!It ain't no fun if the homies can't have noneIt ain't no funny if the homies can't have noneIt ain't no funny if the homies can't have noneIt ain't no fun if the homies can't have noneGuess who's back in the motherfuckin' house?With a fat cock for your motherfuckin' mouthHoes recognize, niggas do too'Cause as soon as bitches get scandalous and pull a voodooWhat friend gon' do? You yes, really don't knowSo I'd recommend you no to trust that hoSilly the me to fall in love through a bitchKnowin' damn fine I'm too recorded up with my gripNow, as the sun rotates and also my game grows biggerHow many bitches wanna crap this nigga named Snoop?Doggy, I'm every the aboveI'm also swift on my toes come get captured up through you hoesBut see, it ain't no funIf mine homies can't acquire a taste that it'Cause you know I don't love 'em

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Woo! Hey, currently you knowInhale, exhale v my flowOne because that the money, 2 for the bitchesThree to obtain ready, and also four come hit the switchesIn mine Chevy, '64—red, to it is in exactWith bitches on my side and bitches on mine backSo back up, bitch, due to the fact that I'm strugglin'Just get on her knees and then begin jugglin'These motherfuckin' nuts in her mouthIt's me, Warren G, the nigga through the cloutIt ain't no funny if the homies can't have actually noneIt ain't no funny if the homies can't have actually noneIt ain't no fun if the homies can't have actually noneIt ain't no funny if the homies can't have actually none