PNG wait is one airline from Papua brand-new Guinea the flies booked passenger flights. The airline is based at Jacksons global Airport (POM), port Morseby and also mainly flies domestic flights within Papua new Guinea, and also a small number of international flights come destinations in ~ Australia. Overall, the airline paris to much more than 25 destinations.

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*Please keep in mind services to Australia are at this time not operating due to Australia's border closures together a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

PNG Air introduced in 1987 under the surname Milne only Air and initially available charter flights. In 1997, the airline rebranded as airlines PNG and also began operation its first scheduled passenger flights to various destinations in Papua brand-new Guinea. The airline rebranded again in 2015 to PNG Air, i beg your pardon is what it's known as today. PNG Air is just one of the top selections for domestic flights within the country, with much more domestic destinations within its path network than any type of other airline in the country.

PNG Air additionally flies contract charter flights for corporate clients.

Book PNG flights

You have the right to easily publication PNG waiting flights through alternative Airlines, just use the search bar in ~ the top of the page. Us let you pay the method you want, even if it is that's in Papua brand-new Guinean kina or Australian dollar.


Domestic Destinations

The airline operates comprehensive domestic network within Papua new Guinea, connecting significant cities and also hubs, including Buka, harbor Moresby, Lae, Goroka, mount Hagen, and Madang.

AlotauGurney airplane (GUR)
BukaBuka airplane (BUA)
DaruDaru airplane (DAU)
GorokaGoroka airport (GKA)
HoskinsHoskins plane (HKN)
KaviengKavieng airport (KVG)
KietaKieta plane (KIE)
KiungaKiunga airport (UNG)
LaeLae airplane (LAE)
Lihir IslandLihir Island airplane (LNV)
LosuiaLosuia airplane (LSA)
MadangMadang airplane (MAG)
MisimaMisima airport (MIS)
MoroMoro airport (MXH)
Mount HagenMount Hagen plane (HGU)
PopondettaGirua airplane (PNP)
Port MoresbyJacksons worldwide Airport (POM)
RabaulRabaul airplane (RAB)
TabubilTabubil airport (TBG)
TariTari airport (TIZ)
TufiTufi airplane (TFI)
VanimoVanimo airplane (VAI)
WapenamandaVanimo plane (VAI)
WewakWewak airplane (WWK)

International Destinations

Australia is the just international country that the airline flies to, connecting Papa new Guinea through Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and also Sydney.

AustraliaAdelaideAdelaide airport (ADL)
BrisbaneBrisbane plane (BNE)
PerthPerth plane (PER)
SydneySydney airplane (SYD)


Carry-on Baggage

Passengers are entitled to one item of cost-free carry-on baggage through a maximum load of 7 kg (15 lbs). This baggage must not exceed the in its entirety dimensions of 105 centimeter (41") (l + w + h).

Checked Baggage

Passengers flying domestically within Papua new Guinea space entitled come 16 kg (35 lbs) of totally free checked baggage.

Passengers connecting to or from an international trip from another carrier are entitled to 23 kg (50 lbs) of cost-free checked baggage.

All baggage must not exceed the in its entirety dimensions of 158 centimeter (62") (l + w + h) and, if excess package is purchased, no one piece of baggage deserve to weigh an ext than 32 kg.

Economy Class

Economy class is the only cabin class that PNG wait offer. Throughout the flight, passenger will suffer exceptional company from the cabin crew, along with the comfortable and spacious seating arrangements.


Seats are set out in a 2 x 2 formation. The Economy class cabin will have actually 36 or 72 seats, depending on which aircraft is flown. Every seat supplies 30–31" (76–78 cm) of chair pitch.


PNG Air provides a number of different fares in economic climate Class, every with various benefits. Inspect out ours table listed below to read much more about every fare and also their perks.

Up come 48 hours before flight w/ a feeUp come 24 hours prior to flight w/ a feeUp to 1 hour prior to flight w/ a feeUp come 1 hour prior to flight, because that free
NoFor a feeFor a feeFor free
NoNoNoFor a fee
NoNoNoUp to 14 days before the flight (minus administration fee)
Instant purchaseMust be payment within 24 hoursMust be paid within 24 hoursMust be payment within 24 hours


Online Check-in

Passengers have the right to check-in virtual on for your PNG Air flight by using the PNG waiting check-in page and also finding your booking ~ above the 'Manage mine booking' section. Passenger will require to get in their surname and booking reference.

Airport Check-in

Passengers must check-in in ~ the airplane of exit to complete check-in for your PNG wait flight. The check-in deadline will differ native airline come airline. Passengers need to make sure they give enough time to check-in, fall off any type of checked baggage and pass security.

Passengers at check-in must existing ID at check-in. ID deserve to be in the kind of an individual ID, a pre-arranged password or published version that the PNG waiting e-ticket.

In-Flight Entertainment

The airline doesn't have actually an in-flight entertainment system on that flights. However, each passenger is detailed with the recent copy that the airline's in-flight magazine, i beg your pardon various amazing articles, including guides to PNG Air's traveler spots.


There's no WIFI system onboard PNG waiting flights.


Passengers have the right to enjoy a selection of snacks and also drinks, offered by the airline's cabin crew. This includes a selection of tea, coffee, water and also more.

Food and also drink are offered as complimentary.

Frequent Flyer

PNG air isn't a member of any kind of frequent flyer regimen at this time.

Previously, the airline to be a member that the Velocity constant flyer program. This allowed PNG Air passengers to earn and also spend Velocity point out on PNG waiting flights and a variety of partners companies and partner airlines, consisting of tigerair, Hainan Airlines, Alitalia, Singapore Airlines, SilkAir and more.

Airline Alliance

PNG air isn't a member of any kind of airline alliance. However, the airline has a codeshare covenant with Virgin Australia, which enables them to market flights come destinations in Australia.

Hub Airport

Jacksons global Airport

Jacksons international Airport (POM) is an worldwide airport in Papua brand-new Guinea and also is the main hub because that PNG Air. The plane is the largest and also busiest airport in Papua new Guinea and the main gateway right into the country. PNG Air has used Jacksons worldwide as its key hub due to the fact that it released scheduled flights in 1997. The airport has actually one runway and two terminals — one residential terminal and one global terminal. PNG Air greatly flies native the domestic terminal yet does usage the international terminal because that flights come Australia.

The only other airline to usage Jacksons worldwide Airport as a hub is wait Niugini.


The airline operates a fleet of local jets, with a mix that ATR 72-600s and Dash 8-100s. The airline has much more than 20 aircraft within its fleet overall.

Alternative Airlines

Other airlines that fly within and out the Papua brand-new Guinea space Air Niugini, Qantas and Philippine Airlines.


Cancellation Policy

On most fares, PNG air flights are non-refundable if cancelled. This means that if a passenger needs to cancel your flight, they'll shed their money.

The only fare that permits passengers to cancel their flight for a refund is the Corporate advantage fare. This permits passengers come cancel their flight for a complete refund (minus the administration fee) up to 14 days prior to their flight is scheduled to depart.

At alternate Airlines, you can include Cancellation defense to any PNG wait flight, which will entitle you come a complete refund regardless of which fare you've purchased. Cancellation defense covers you because that a refund if you need to cancel your flight due to any type of of the emergency scenarios that are set out in the terms and conditions, including scheduled airline failure, adverse weather, task relocation and more.

Cancellation defense brings included peace of psychic whenever you book a PNG air flight.


6th April 2020

Airlines in Papua brand-new Guinea resume domestic operations

The airline announced that residential operations would resume from 6th April 2020, following the suspension the flights during Covid-19. PNG Air began with domestic operations, resuming flights in ~ Papua new Guinea.


What's the difference between PNG Air and Airlines PNG?

Airlines PNG, or air PNG, to be the name that PNG Air offered to use before it rebranded in 2015. The airline originally introduced as Milne just Air. It rebranded to airlines PNG in 1997 and then rebranded again together PNG air in 2015. Some world still refer to PNG Air together Air PNG to this day.

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Where go PNG Air paris to?

PNG Air flies to a variety of destinations within Papua new Guinea, consisting of Buka, Daru, Lae, Goroka, Moro, Tufi, Vanimo, Wewak, Aropa and also more. It likewise flies worldwide flights come Merauke and also Sentani in Indonesia.