Thomas Dorsey (1899-1993) is forever before recognized as the Father of Gospel Music, having actually composed over 1,000 gospel songs in his career. He was a visionary who combined jazz and also secular blues via spiritual text and worship. His lyrics were biblically and also musically motivating. He created “The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow” in 1943, and also it has tackled a life of its very own with the decades. Thomas Dorsey literally invented gospel music, having coined the term “gospel” in the at an early stage 1930’s, and also developed the initially gospel choir in Chicearlier as soon as he was the music director in the Pilgrim Baptist Church. He was a pioneer in encouraging the congregation tbelow to clap, shout and stomp, to be exuberant in worship. He additionally produced worship music that has actually stood the test of time, inviting the musicians to be spontaneous and also innovative. When he was in the soul throughout the music, he would certainly frequently play his piano while standing up, which has considering that been duplicated by many type of popular performers. Dorsey was an evangelist at heart, and he regularly voiced his yearning that he would win souls through his music. Thomas Dorsey was one of a sort, bringing to the worship people an entirely brand-new style and also genre of music that takes us to heaven.

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LYRICS – The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow

Like a ship that’s tossed and also propelled, battered by an angry sea;

When the storms of life are raging, and also their fury drops on me.

I wonder what I have done that renders this race so difficult to run.

Then I say to my spirit, take courage, the Lord will make a method someexactly how. 

Refrain: The Lord will make a method somehow, when beneath the cross I bow.

He will certainly take ameans each sorrow, let Him have actually your burdens currently.

When the lots bear dvery own so hefty, the weight is displayed upon my brow.

There’s a sweet relief in learning, the Lord will certainly make a method somehow.

2. Try to carry out the finest in company, attempt to do the ideal you can.

When I choose to do the best thing, evil’s existing on eexceptionally hand.

I look up and wonder why that great fortune passed me by.

Then I say to my heart, be patient, the Lord will certainly make a means someexactly how.


3. Often there’s misunderstanding, out of all the good I execute.

Go to friends for consolation, and also I discover them complaining as well.

So many kind of nights I toss in pain, wondering what the day will bring.

Then I say to my heart, don’t issue, the Lord will certainly make a method someexactly how.

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This gospel song has been perdeveloped in eexceptionally genre imaginable: soul with Aretha Franklin; rhythm and blues with Al Green; reggae with Shirley Willis; funk through Tina Turner. It has been sung with full choir, as solo, via quartet. This variety of musical interpretations reveal the genius of Thomas Dorsey, that might compose gospel songs that might be supplied as a springboard to so many genres while continuing to be worship. The lyrics of “The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow” by Thomas Dorsey are intfinished to inspire hope and courage and also patience during hard times. The words are so appropriate this day.