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rivest266 ~ above October 20, 2009 at 4:15 pm

It is. It opened as AMC Mesquite 30 in March, 1998. The Film-Tech website got the surname wrong. It has actually the same design as the AMC Studio 30 in Houston. Quote: “The most recent AMC Godzillaplex in town”


rivest266 on October 20, 2009 at 4:19 pm

This is the 5th largest cinema by # of seat on Cinema Treasures.

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Michael R. Rambo Jr. on august 26, 2014 in ~ 2:08 afternoon

This theatre is currently a combo AMC Theatres/AMC Dine In Theatres


dallasmovietheaters on march 31, 2015 in ~ 7:21 am

AMC built its first Mesquite multiplex in 1985 with its Towne cross 8. That was contending with adjacent multiplexes by united Artists and two by basic Cinema copy, group (GCC). With more recent megaplexes coming into style, the circuits i found it a “migration” far from the aging Town east area multiplexes in 1995/6. In 1996, AMC announced a bombshell which would forever readjust moviegoing in the area and also it to be the AMC Mesquite 30.

The 6,360-seat AMC Mesquite 30 would be constructed on a 33-acre site at the confluence of federal government 635 and also U.S. Highway 80. Unlike plenty of projects prior, AMC would very own the land rather of leasing to offer the task a bit more permanance than, say, the 24-screen cool that it would open and also then abandon upon the end of that 15-year lease. The 131,000-square-foot theater was among three 30-screen behomeths along with Houston and L.A. And also would shortly be join by a project in Grapevine. Plans for a stand-alone 30-screen Frisco theatre were scrapped and later came to be the 24-screen AMC Stonebriar Mall.

The Mesquite AMC theater would certainly be one leave removed from the Mesquite Championship Rodeo which was receiving a hotel and also conference facility while a country-western themed nightclub to be being built. Befitting that the area, the AMC Mesquite 30 to be designed with nation western themes. Rest rooms had a rustic old west vibe and also the north concession stand remained in the old west basic store corridor while the various other two were tropical rain forest and also computer-centric concepts. A huge circular courtyard to be built around 18 ticket stands, virtually unusable ~ above the plenty of hot days in Mesquite. Initial capacity for the auditroia ranged from 118 come 603 patrons. The job was delayed about eight months and actually opened more than three months ~ the Grapevine task which had actually opened in December the 1997. As a result, Mesquite employees were sent out to train in the very comparable Grapevine Mills 30.

Parking and also security problems plagued the AMC Grand and also the Mesquite had actually a various concept. 2 golf carts and also later Segways supplied by protection guards would certainly monitor the 6,000 car parking lot. And the most distant parking lot might be closed turn off on much less busy weekdays. Launching on in march 20, 1998, the impact of the mega-successful Mesquite 30 top top the multiplexes just two exits away on I-635 was catastrophic. None would certainly survive past the calendar year together AMC would certainly shutter its own Towne cross 8, adhered to by the GCC Town east 6, the UA Town eastern 6, and also the GCC Town east 5. In January that 1999, Cinemark would certainly shutter its adjacent dollar home leaving AMC together the only first-run circuit in the area. It to be a compete coup de grâce.

Even without serious competition, in June of 2009, the theater obtained its an initial major retrofit together it would certainly retrofit that largest display desginated together an IMAX experience auditroium. While these display screens were derided by many as “faux Max” screens, they added branding and additional revenue to the location. But an even much more grand retrofit emerged in 2013/2014 through AMC — now under Dalian Wanda team — placed a lot of of capital in refreshing theatre nationwide.

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The Mesquite 30 was totally revamped coming to be a hybrid basic with finish kitchen offer the dine-in “Fork & Screen” theaters, a new MacGuffins Bar area for usage by patrons that the “Cinema Suites” scheduled seating theaters generally with R-rated features, and some timeless general theaters where patrons brought in classic snack bar food. Recliner seats considerably reduced overall seat counting in the Fork & Screen and also Cinema Suite houses. The main concession area obtained high-tech self-serve Coca-Cola mixing stations and Icee dispensers if the seldom-open auxiliary snack bars to be closed. The principle launched February 20, 2014 and also showed the theater’s dedication to keeping the property vibrant into the 2020s.