The subject of immigration has constantly been a hot political object in the joined States. The DNA of our country is made up of world from numerous different lands, many who have actually fought and died to make this country great.

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In your honor this Memorial Day, background is acquisition a journey ago to the inception of the United says in the new, two-day, four-part docudrama "America: Promised Land," which tells the stories of the day-to-day heroes who aided transform this great nation.

"One the the points I find inspiring is that as soon as you look at this special, you establish the good things the our ancestors accomplished," Mike Stiller, VP development & Programming, history and executive, management producer that "America: Promised Land," called Fox News. "If you Dutch, that knew that you saved new York City? If you German, you were 10 percent that the Union Army and you assisted keep the union together during the Revolutionary War."

From early days when the Puritans developed the Massachusetts Bay swarm in a town they called Boston, through the telling of historical events such together the Dutch fur Trade, the result the creation of the postage stamp had actually on irish immigrants, the California yellow Rush, Germans comes to the aid of the Union army in substantial numbers during the civil War, and also more, "America: Promised Land" watch at exactly how immigration revolutionized America as various people carried different concepts and an abilities to the brand-new country.

An interesting point of "America: Promised Land" is that, despite id to the contrary, the fact of immigrant is the it is not passive. The world who involved the U.S. Tend to be risk takers. They have tendency to be world who room willing to take a journey, especially earlier in the early years of our nation when the trip was just too arduous for them come return home, for this reason they were making a once-in-a-lifetime trip to a new world.

Another instance in allude is that numerous of the immigrant are among the best and brightest, that in bringing new ideas come the new world sustained growth and developed brand-new inventions, things such as mail-order catalogs, the Franklin Stove, the automatic flour mill, the cotton gin, the swivel chair, cupcakes and coffee percolators, to name a few.

"The number of patents bring away out room disproportionally greater among immigrant groups," Stiller says.

Additionally, the docudrama looks in ~ the struggles and hardships the some populaces endured during their trip to America, such together the carry of human being during the transatlantic servant trade, the illness that win the Puritans reduction up on tiny ships, and Italian areas in brand-new York being targeted by criminal organizations.

"Newly come immigrants had a lot to prove, and also one that the factors they concerned the United says was the accessibility of jobs and also the accessibility of opportunity," says Stiller.

Truth be told, the U.S. Has received much more immigrants due to the fact that its inception than any other society, and even now it is still thought about by those hoping to emigrate right here the soil where dreams can true.

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"In the last hundred years alone, there’s been a brand-new American every 57 seconds," Stiller says. "Right now we’re in a time as soon as immigration is really controversial, however what you establish is immigrant has always controversial. There’s constantly an aspect of world wanting to concerned the united States and also people who are currently here having actually angst around that, however one the the reasons they come is the dream, even if it is it’s the dream of land, the dream that work, or it’s the dream of spiritual freedom."

"America: Promised Land" premieres Monday, might 29 and Tuesday, may 30 on HISTORY.

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