Josh Elliott published Wednesday, November 9, 2016 8:37AM EST last Updated Wednesday, November 9, 2016 8:59AM EST

Canadians to express their shock on society media Wednesday morning, as they woke up to a human being with Donald Trump elected to be the following President that the unified States.

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The phrase \"Oh America\" was trending global after the election outcomes rolled in, handing the White house to Trump v a solid victory over foe Hillary Clinton.

Several Canadians merely tweeted \"Oh America, what have actually you done?\" plenty of others stated they felt particularly grateful come live in Canada after the choice result. \"Hug your Canadian passports a tiny tighter today,\" Twitter user Olivia Honas said. \"We are the blessed.\"

I\"m specifically grateful come live in Canada this morning however still for this reason sad. Oh, America. What have actually you done?

— anne Locke (
AnneLocke) November 9, 2016

#RIPAMERICA Canada have to think about building a wall.... Oh America

— JimmyT (
ElHenderz) November 9, 2016

Oh America, ns feel so poor for u. What have actually you done. Canada\"s Citizenship and also Immigration room website has crashed #Election2016

— space Cadet (
spacecadet2016) November 9, 2016

Canadians additionally sought to street themselves from the U.S. With the hashtag #ProudToBeCanadian.

America. I\"m sorry for you. #proudtobecanadian #ifyouwantedamericatobegreatagainyouwouldnthavevotedfortrump

— Meagan Duhamel (
mhjd_85) November 9, 2016

Always continue to it is in a beacon because that love, acceptance, tolerance and also diversity
Canada.#TruePatriotLove #ProudToBeCanadian

— great Lakes Beer���� (
GreatLakesBeer) November 9, 2016

So #proudtobecanadian.We recognize what it method to be an excellent people & have elected leaders that reflect the exact same values. #ImStillWithHer

— Tara Olsvik (
tolsvik) November 9, 2016

After an election project in which some Trump adversaries threatened to relocate to Canada if that won, immigration Canada\"s website crashed so late Tuesday. Plenty of blamed the outage ~ above a possible surge in americans looking to move north.

Canada\"s immigration website crashes together Donald Trump\"s us election command grows #ElectionNight #Election2016

— Jérôme Deiss (
e_influenceur) November 9, 2016

Canada immigrant site has actually crashed again. Oh America what have actually you excellent #ElectionNight

— Mel Macnab (
danytagaryn) November 9, 2016

But as some Americans tweeted their intent to move north, rather were only too passionate to aid push lock out. Several ardent trump supporters stated the nation would quickly be much better off there is no the celebrities and others who had vowed to relocate to Canada if he won.

List of human being who are around to begin making excuses around why castle haven\"t moved to Canada yet. #maga #trump

— ������������������ (
kickedinyo) November 9, 2016

If your relocating to Canada due to the fact that of Trump i will help you pack.

— will Baker (
BakertheWill) November 9, 2016

People saying They\"ll move To Canada & Africa method There would certainly Be an ext Jobs, #Trump Is currently Doing Great.#DonaldTrump #ElectionNight

— teacher Ravindra Jadeja (
SirJadeja) November 9, 2016

TRUMP WINS!And no one of friend are moving to Canada, so go back to the town hall videos of civilization standing tho & talk around votin Kanye in \"20 ✌��

— Brandon  (
TwittahGod) November 9, 2016

\"I\"m relocating to Canada if Trump it s okay elected\"You still live v your parents, friend ain\"t going anywhere. Sit down.

— jord (
bIocks) November 9, 2016

if trump in reality wins, the population is going to drop by about 3mil indigenous everyone who tweeted \"i stg i\"m moving to canada\" #ElectionNight

— Ezra Henderson (
Ezra_Henderson) November 9, 2016

You think running away come Canada will conserve you all.. Trump card is simply gonna revolve us right into a parking lot for his jets.
Nick28T) November 9, 2016

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau congratulated trump card in a statement on Wednesday morning, emphasizing the close friendship and economic ties in between Canada and the united States. \"The relationship in between our two countries serves together a model for the world,\" he stated in the statement. \"Our common values, deep social ties, and solid integrated economies will proceed to administer the communication for proceeding our solid and prosperous partnership.\"

Trudeau doubled down on his message of common values v a collection of tweets, saying the \"our typical purpose is to build countries where everyone has actually a fair opportunity to succeed, and also where the government works first, foremost and constantly for the civilization it governs.\"

Our common values are strong. Our typical purpose is to build countries wherein everyone has a fair opportunity to succeed. (...)

— Justin Trudeau (
JustinTrudeau) November 9, 2016

...and whereby the federal government works first, foremost and constantly for the world it governs.

— Justin Trudeau (
JustinTrudeau) November 9, 2016

The Canadian federal government will proceed its tough work towards these ends.

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— Justin Trudeau (
JustinTrudeau) November 9, 2016

...and we offer our hand in partnership with our neighbours as friends and also allies as they relocate forward.