Season 10 illustration 14 - ras Vegas Finals Night 2

The season"s top rivals must handle eight obstacles to advancement to stage two. Air date : 3rd-Sep-2018

Season 10 illustration 1 - Dallas City Qualifiers

The brand-new season kicks off through some large changes, including a lower age limit and an 18-foot Mega Warped Wall, as veterans Daniel Gil, Barclay Stockett, Brent Steffensen, Jon Stewart and more join newcomers to take it on the qualifying course in Dallas. Air day : 30th-May-2018Read More

Season 10 episode 2 - Los Angeles City Qualifiers

Dinosaurs native “Jurassic World: fallen Kingdom” invade the course throughout the Los Angeles qualifier together with a special appearance by the film’s stars, chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. The competition features six obstacles, consisting of the brand-new “Jumper Cables” and “Doorknob Drop.” Air date : 6th-Jun-2018Read More

Season 10 episode 3 - Miami City Qualifiers

Drew Drechsel, Jessie Graff, Ryan Stratis, Jessica Clayton, Gabe Stewart and an ext take top top the Razor"s Edge, Ring Turn and also other an overwhelming obstacles together they run to qualify in Miami. Air day : 13th-Jun-2018Read More

Season 10 illustration 4 - Indianapolis City Qualifiers

Air day : 18th-Jun-2018Read More

Season 10 episode 5 - Philadelphia City Qualifier

A qualifying ring in Philadelphia. Air date : 25th-Jun-2018Read More

Season 10 episode 6 - Minneapolis City Qualifiers

Competitors in the Minneapolis qualifiers confront obstacles, including dual Twister and also Diamond Dash. Air date : 9th-Jul-2018Read More

Season 10 illustration 7 - Los Angeles City Finals

Air day : 16th-Jul-2018Read More

Season 10 episode 8 - Dallas City Finals

Competitors vying because that a opportunity to development to the national finals challenge up come 10 obstacles, including Spider Trap and new challenge Fallout. Air date : 23rd-Jul-2018Read More

Season 10 episode 9 - Miami City Finals

Competitors face up to 10 obstacles, including the brand brand-new Crazy Clocks, vying for a possibility to breakthrough to the national finals. Air date : 30th-Jul-2018Read More

Season 10 illustration 10 - Indianapolis City Finals

The height 30 competitors from this city’s Qualifying round face an extended, 10-obstacle course including the brand-new “Cane Lane” and also the grueling 10th problem “Spider Trap.” Ninjas include: Brian Arnold, Jimmy Choi, Jesse “Flex” Labreck, and also season 7 champion Isaac Caldiero. Air date : 6th-Aug-2018Read More

Season 10 illustration 11 - Philadelphia City Finals

The peak 30 Ninjas indigenous the Philadelphia qualifying round challenge an also tougher obstacle course, consisting of the “Captain’s Wheel.” competitors include Najee Richardson, Michelle Warnky, Allyssa Beird, Jamie Rahn and Chris Wilczewski. Air day : 13th-Aug-2018Read More

Season 10 episode 12 - Minneapolis City Finals

The top 30 competitors from this city’s Qualifying round face an extended, 10-obstacle course, including a brand-new obstacle referred to as “The Hinge.” Ninja veterans acquisition to the course encompass Meagan Martin, Joe Moravsky, Jake Murray, and Lance Pekus. Air date : 20th-Aug-2018Read More

Season 10 illustration 13 - ras Vegas Finals Night 1

From ras Vegas. Air date : 27th-Aug-2018Read More

Season 10 episode 14 - las Vegas Finals Night 2

The season"s top rivals must tackle eight obstacles to breakthrough to phase two. Air day : 3rd-Sep-2018Read More

Season 10 illustration 15 - ras Vegas Season Finale

Competitors who dominated stage 1 relocate on to phase 2, in the expect of progressing to step 3 and also 4. Finalists vie to victory a cash compensation of $1 million and the title of “American Ninja Warrior.” brand-new this year, the ninja that goes the farthest walks away through the “last ninja standing” prize of $100,000. Air day : 10th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 10 episode 16 - USA vs. The civilization

Drew Drechsel, Jesse Labreck, Mathis "The Kid" Owhadi, Najee Richardson and also Barclay Stockett represent Team USA versus top athletes native Europe and Australia in a battle for worldwide ninja domination. Air day : 27th-Jan-2019Read More

Season 10 episode 17 - every Stars skills Special

Iconic obstacles obtain super-sized as peak competitors and also fan-favorites indigenous Season 10 confront off in a high-octane skills competition special Wicked Wingnuts, Striding Steps and a record-setting attempt on the four-story super Salmon Ladder. Air date : 26th-May-2019Read More



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