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E = 1400 N/C,

The electron’s initial rate (V1) = 0ms,

M = 9.11×10^-31 kg,

Q = 1.60×10^-19 C.

1. F (electric force exerted on the electron) is expressed as:

F = Eq

A (magnitude of the acceleration that the electron in the electric field) is express as:

A = FM (and F = Eq), for this reason A = Eqm

A = (1400N/C) x (1.6×10^-19C) x (9.11×10^-31) x 1 kg⋅ms21 N)

A = 2.5×10^14 ms²

2. V2 (the last speed of the electron ~ an interval, t = 3×10^-9 s) is express as:

v = u+at,

Where u = 0 = Eqmt

Therefore, K (the electron’s last kinetic energy) is express as:

K =12mv2 =12 m(Eqmt)2 =(Eqt)22 m =<1400 NCx (1.60×10−19 C x (3×10−9 s)>22x(9.11×10−31 kg) x 1 kg⋅ms21 N 2×1 J1 kg⋅m2s2 ≈ 2.5×20−19 J

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