Anyone that loves a conspiracy theory, a historical secret or delving right into the paranormal should be glued to the history channel in January.

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2020 kicks off with a mystery Season top top History, which method addictive hits like The Curse that Oak Island and ancient Aliens room back, and brand brand-new series The UnXplained v William Shatner, kicks off the new Year.

Here are our picks because that the must-watch secret shows you can’t miss right now….

The UnXplained through William Shatner

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gold Globe and Emmy award winning actor wilhelm Shatner is trying out the world’s many fascinating, strange, and inexplicable mysteries. Through compelling contributions from scientists, historians, witnesses, and experiencers every seeking to melted light on how the seemingly impossible have the right to happen, the collection cover mysterious frameworks (like Florida’s Coral Castle and also so called evil areas (like the cursed White City that Honduras) come strange creatures and also bizarre rituals.

Watch ~ above Tuesdays from January 7th at 9pm.

The Curse that Oak Island season 7

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Rick, Marty and also the Oak Island team are back for the biggest season however –bringing through them an ext determination, sources and modern technology than ever in their quest to solve the 224-year old sweetheart mystery.

After seismic testing conducted at the finish of critical season revealed a feasible sunken ship hidden in the triangle-shaped swamp, the team will use sonic main point drilling, strategic dives and finally a historic large dig to find out what could be buried below.

Now totally partnered with other land owner, Tom Nolan, the son of the late, Fred Nolan, Rick, Marty and Craig Tester will have actually unprecedented accessibility to locations of the island the they hope will certainly yield answers… and treasure.

Fans of the show can likewise look forward to specials looking ago at the show’s biggest moments with specials ~ above The height 25 Moments, The top 25 Finds and The height 25 moments You never ever Saw.

Watch ~ above Wednesdays native January 8 hours at 9pm.

In search Of season 2

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trying to find explores and investigates the most iconic mysteries and also legends of every time. Room UFOs in reality visiting the Earth? have the right to the Ark of the commitment ever be found? can the Loch Ness Monster actually exist in some form?

In the end, the collection reveal brand-new theories and also evidence which could fully change our reasoning on these enigmatic topics.

Watch on Mondays from January sixth at 9pm.

Ancient Aliens

ancient Aliens examines 75 million years of the most credible alien evidence here on Earth, indigenous the period of the dinosaurs, to old Egypt, to the skies end the west desert in the present-day US.

Ancient cave drawings of strange creatures, one asphalt-like substance in one Egyptian pyramid made from the stays of unidentified creatures, ongoing mass sightings in the USA – this are just a few of the strange story that will be investigated.

Watch ancient Aliens on Tuesdays in ~ 10pm.

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