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Green eyes are very unique. According to Healthline, just 2% of human being have green eyes. Eco-friendly eyes space most typical in Northern, Central, and Western Europe.

People with eco-friendly eyes are said to be humorous, charming, and playful.

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Now one would think that green eyes in anime would certainly be much more common than in reality… and also they would be wrong. I had so much trouble as soon as I tried in search of green-eyed anime girl you wouldn’t think it! have the right to you even think of any type of character through PURELY green eyes? i literally spent hours confirming whether the anime character also has green eyes! In the end, it to be worth it, though. Ns came through a completed list of the environment-friendly eyes anime girls!

This list was developed according to MaL because I want to encompass the most well-known green-eyed beauties here. Ns did not incorporate Zero Two because her eyes room turquoise.

Here room the 20 ideal Anime girl With environment-friendly Eyes!

20. Nyaruko


Nyaruko is a race of aliens known as a Nyarlathotep. She was sent out to earth by theSpace Defense Agencyto protect the masculine protagonist.

Nyaruko drops in love v him instantly and persuades him v confidence. She is a familiar individual yet has shown aggressiveness towards any type of hostile aliens.

And to no forget a an extremely important thing—she is an otaku and a hardcore gamer (Konata vibes, anyone?).

19. Akari Mizunashi


This pink-haired sweetheart have the right to win peoples’ hearts through no issues. She is a natural, after ~ all!

She ventured to Aqua in hopes of becoming anUndine and trains tough every day with her friends who share the same aspiration.

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18. Nozomi Toujou


Nozomi was Otonokizaka High School’s college student council vice-president prior to Umi flourished in the position. She is a member of lily white, a sub-unit under μ’s—a college idol group.

She is a accumulated and kind-hearted individual that doesn’t hesitate to aid μ’s if they are in trouble.

Nozomi loves spiritual things and also is well-known for her fortune-telling an abilities by using her deck of tarot cards.

17. Chise Hatori


I swear come God I have actually a point for red-haired anime girls with environment-friendly eyes. Is it just me or does she look similar to Shirayuki?

After Chise fell into a deep depression, she go as much as marketing herself come slavery. She then came to be a mage apprentice and also a wife of Elias Ainsworth.

Chise is the form of person who areas the health of others above her own health, often resulting in exhaustion. She is kind-hearted, gentle, and docile with tiny to no self-worth.

16. Lala Satalin Deviluke


Lala Satalin Deviluke is the first Princess that Deviluke. She ran away from home since she didn’t desire to marry any of she suitors, and ended increase naked in the male protagonist’s bathtub.

When it concerns her personality, she is carefree, generous, and warmhearted. Regardless of acting slightly childish, she is highly intelligent and innovative, developing all sorts of impressive inventions.

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15. Tatsumaki “Tornado of Terror”


Tatsumaki is the S-Class rank 2 professionalheroof theHero Association. She is the most an effective esper come date, own telepathic andpsychokineticpowers i m sorry are extremely impressive. In fact, Tatsumaki deserve to lift the whole of Z-City!

She is arrogant, moody, and as bold as brass. However, she treats her project as a hero very seriously, accepting every requests to defeat monsters.

14. Ikaros


This angelic-looking beauty fell from the Synapse portal come Earth and also was uncovered by the protagonist the the series.

She is submissive, melancholic, calm, and extremely loyal to her master. She will do anything to please & defend him.

13. Moka Akashiya


Moka has two personalities, represented by two various looks. External Moka (the one illustrated in the picture above) is a personality do by the sealing consciousness of the Rosario. External Moka suppressesthe an effective vampiress blood within her and acts in different ways than inner Moka.

Generally, she is a kind-hearted, soft-spoken, and friendly girl who deserve to be at time gullible. Her delicate and also innocent-looking looks space completed by her mellow demeanor.

12. Yuri Nakamura


Yuri is a student at the immortality School and the leader the SSS (Shinda Sekai Sensen, or immortality Battlefrontin the English version). This company believesthat God is the one responsible for your cruel fates and they great to exact revenge because that it.

She is strong-willed, charismatic, collected, and makes a good leader.

11. Shirayuki


Probably my favourite green-eyed girl, to be honest. As soon as I think the a excellent female lead, she instantly pops into my head.

Shirayuki is one iron-willed, optimistic, and also bright girl that doesn’t choose to depend on others. She is also kind-hearted, compassionate, and selfless—often thinkingof other peoplebefore herself.

She is professional in herbalism and also medicine, generally going to good lengths to gain things excellent the right way.

Despite gift a romantic interest of the prince, Shirayuki never used him to she advantage. She ended up being a CourtHerbalist thanks to her hard work.

10. Yotsugi Ononoki


Yotsugi is one expressionless tsukumogami. She was revivedby members of theOccult research Club—hence the tsukumogami—and is tied to she master, Yozuru Kagenui, being his Shikigami.

You see her having actually a poker face all the time and also she speak in a flat, monotone voice. While she appears to be stoic, she is simply unable to express she emotions to rather in a common way. Yotsugi seems to understand the emotions of various other people, though.

She has expressed that she is constantly searching because that a objective after she revival.

9. Kino


Kino is a teenage traveler expert in combat, carrying both guns and also knives.

She travels with different countries to experience their customs and also understand their histories, yet she never ever stays much longer than 3 days.

Her principle: “The human being is not beautiful; and also that, in a way, lends that a kind of beauty.”

8. Emma


Despite being very young, Emma acts as the larger sister/mother figure to other orphans in the orphanage. Ns won’t go much into detail about the story to not spoil you.

She is very optimistic, outgoing, caring, and also courageous. We can likewise see that she is an extremely athletic, capable of running rapid for a long period of time without acquiring out of breath or climb high trees with no problem.

Emma closely listens to her moral compass, frequently showing compassion even towards enemies. She is not afraid to state she opinion also if it’s the contrary of what her friends think.

I average how have the right to anyone also dislike Emma?

7. Maka Albarn


Maka is the protagonist that Soul Eater.

She is a teenager student at the fatality Weapon Meister Academy and a Scythe Meister.

Her weapon partner isSoul Eater Evans who have the right to transform right into a long-handled scythe. Their common goal is to make Soul into a death Scythe, i m sorry requires catching 99 evil human being souls that room onShinigami’s Listand one witch soul.

When it comes to her personality, she is kind-hearted, stubborn, and fearful. Maka is likewise a huge bookworm, spending hours upon hours studying.

6. Sakura Kinomoto


This Cardcaptor is a happy-go-lucky girl that is additionally extremely lively and optimistic. Regardless of her casual watch in the picture above, she is a magical girl tasked with collecting potentially harmful cards scattered everywhere the world.

Sakura is friendly and also sociable, which allows her to do friends v anybody. Even you!

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5. Victorique de Blois

Victorique could strike you together a doll-looking goth girl, however this tsundere loli has more qualities than meets the eye. She is a bookaholic who is an excellent at addressing crime mysteries.

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4. Ichigo


Many human being hate top top Ichigo because that no good reason. If anything, she acts choose a human being being.

She is emotional yet that must not be perceived as a necessarily an adverse thing. After ~ all, she is a teenage girl that cares about those that are valuable to her. She is blunt and honest and also has herbal flaws, tendencies, and struggles.

3. Faye Valentine


Don’t let her looks silly you. Ns repeat. Carry out not permit them silly you! while she is beautiful, she is also a want criminal and also a bounty hunter in ~ the same time.

She looks prefer she is in her mid-twenties, yet she in truth 77 years old. This is due to the fact that she spent 54 years in suspended animation.

Faye is bold, egoistic, and also realistically lazy. She constantly gets what she wants and also doesn’t shy far from deceit in bespeak to achieve her goals.

What makes her stand the end is that she methods self-love. Yes, girlfriend heard that right. She takes several time pampering herself.

“We deceive or we room deceived.” ~ Faye

2. Konata Izumi


The second place belongs come this cute loli.

Konata is the kind of person you would love to hang the end with. She is funny, playful, and to optimal it off, one OTAKU! You could chill & pat games/ watch anime every night through her!

1. Saber


Many human being consider Saber best girl.

She is beautiful, noble, and courageous. On optimal of that, she has proved the she is a brilliant strategist in battle. Currently when we put that together, not just is she a gibberish knight but likewise a perfect waifu.

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