July 4th 2016My recent trail adventure took the kind of day hikes in the Adirondack mountains in new York State. The trip had deep root in family members history: mine (late) father love hiking those peaks. As a teen, mine older sister, and also 2 an in similar way aged young cousins, Bruce & Rob, add him, with various combinations of us along. My introduction to backpacking associated an old-school overlapping exterior frame surplus piece. My attire contained cotton jeans and also sneakers. We slept in a tent without benefit of air mattress. Us drank water straight out of the streams and brooks. In July that 1984 Bruce, Rob and also I were through my dad top top Redfield once he completed his 46R (hiking the 46 4000" or higher ADK peaks). Sadly, the definition if the occasion was totally lost top top me. Later, the 3 of united state "kids" went on to rise Cliff Mt., when dad hiked earlier to break down camp. Whether the negative trail, the uncomfortable of camping, the extreme blackflies, or a combination of all, ns left the woods virtually in hysterics, and vowed never ever to walk back. Similarly, Rob arrived home, dropped his boots and gear on the porch, and also told his mommy (my Aunt Marcia) come burn it, offer it, offer it away, he was done. Quick forward to 2003. Ns was given a crate of things of mine dads, consisting of some ADK long mementos. Ns started discussing the 46 v my Aunt, that had because hiked lock all through my Uncle Malcolm. Bruce had actually long due to the fact that become a 46R also. I determined to continue where I"d left off with them, in spite of the lengthy distance between Ohio, where I now live, and the ADK park. Along the way, Bruce"s wife Stephanie captured the "bug" too. She perfect in 2008, after a summer of hiking many weekends there. Ns completed mine 46R in 2009. After ~ finding that i loved walking in the woods, I began looking into my next challenge, which ended up being a 2015 northbound thru hike the the AT. Throughout that trip, as soon as I arrived in Maine, my cousin Rob assisted me out as a trail point of view extra-ordinaire...putting me up at his home, shuttling me to and also from the trail, slackpacking and also feeding me, and also then finally, involvement me on my final trek to the summit authorize on Katahdin. By then, he had caught the hiking "bug" too, and also inspired by my journey, chose to go ago and complete his 46R by 2016. The chipped far at several of the perform last fall and also again in May, leaving 3 remaining. Finish of June, my daughter Allison and I met him come hike the Santinonis (a 3 height ridge of which he just needed tiny Couchsachraga, yet hiked every 3 for Allison"s sake, as she is now pursuing her 46). 2 days later on we climbed Marshall. Then on the 4th of July, as is recent legacy in ours family, us (also join by my various other daughter, Melody) hiked Allen Mt. Allen is my dad"s name, and also he was born ~ above the 4th of July. It appeared fitting, and also come complete circle, because that Rob to complete his pursuit in this way, in tribute. A fabulous time was had by all, end the weekend, as other household was in attendance nearby. The weather was perfect, the long great, the see grand.Congratulations, Rob! For more details about the separation, personal, instance hikes, and lots that photos, visit my various other blog: Www.coloredpiecesblog.wordpress.com There are 4 entries, all beginning with the title "Adirondack Trip".

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See just You got me flying with eagles, wade on water, through You I have the right to do the impossible. Jump over mountains with one single bound...I"ve discovered out I deserve to do the impossible.

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Monadnocks shelter is the most attractive we"ve seen so far, perched up rather high amongst large trees with clues of a view and rocky outcrops.... Weka and Kea —Bibbulmun Track2014