The results of Weinberg and also Hunt’s (1976) study on university students v high and low trait tension demonstrated that

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A.increased muscle soreness added to inferior performance
B.increased muscle tension added to inferior performance
C.increased coordination obstacles contributed to inferior performance
D.a and also c
E.b and c

A an extensive imbalance in between demand and response ability under conditions in which failure has important consequences refers to
B.sensational pressure
D.state anxiety
E.trait anxiety

A.cognitive anxiety and also somatic anxiety
B.trait anxiety and also state anxiety
C.arousal and stress
D.a and c
E.b and c

A.direction of motivation
B.intensity of motivation
C.frequency of urged behavior
D.interaction that cognition and also emotions
E.a and d

A.somatic anxiety
B.trait anxiety
D.situational stress

A.more threatening and less stress and anxiety producing
B.less threatening and less anxiety producing
C.more threatening and an ext anxiety producing
D.less threaten and more anxiety producing

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A.low confidence and high state anxiety
B.low confidence and low state anxiety
C.low confidence and also low characteristics anxiety
D.high confidence and high state anxiety
E.low confidence and low arousal