Ark Survival progressed features one expansive setting with part beautiful locations to construct a base. Right here are some great examples.

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contradictory to famous belief, Studio Wildcard"s Ark: Survival evolved is not entirely around running far from dinosaurs that room trying to eat you and everything girlfriend own. That"s only around 50% that it. Exit in 2015, the to chat game — i m sorry is slated for an upcoming sequel — combine the art of no dying through taming prehistoric creatures and also building expansive bases.

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The map that most civilization are likely to start on is likewise the easiest; The Island. Though you"ll probably an initial spawn at southern Zone 1 or 2 i beg your pardon is very tropical (something you"ll be thankful for as soon as you find yourself half-naked and alone on a beach) there is a wide range of scenic biomes in which to make your home.

below are ten it s as beautiful as picture spots the you might pick to make your base of operations on The Island.

Your very first base is more than likely going to it is in close to wherein you begin, until you’ve gained some good armor and weapons in ~ least. Luckily the ‘easy’ spawn spots close to South Zone 1 have part really it s as beautiful as picture spots.

If you go up the huge hill that leads come the plateau overlooking the swamp, friend can develop a yes, really nice based upon the cliff looking East. There’s a chance of raptors and therazinosaurs spawning, yet so long as her barn has stone walls, it’s a little price to pay because that a nice view and also some good, flat structure terrain.

given the name, you might have figured out that the covert Lake is, well, hidden. Really well hidden, in fact; which renders this great location to develop your basic (if friend can acquire there first!) top top a multiplayer map. However it"s likewise one of the prettiest combat places on The Island.

when there room predators in the surprise Lake, so lengthy as you"re careful, it have the right to be a pretty safe location to speak to home. Simply make sure you have great walls. Surrounded on many sides by steep cliffs — v bottle-necked entrance points — this is a an extremely unique ar to settle down, with a lot of potential for an open-plan barn system.

The Western shore is frequently slept on together a place for a base, due to the fact that there"s not exactly a shortage the alphas follow me the beach, and also when you obtain to the snow... Well. Let"s just say, if you"re no well armed, don"t expect to keep your equipment when you obtain to the mountain. Daeodon. Daeodon everywhere.

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yet the views are astounding. Play your cards right, and you could construct a cozy location with a watch of the falls, the ocean, the snow, and also the volcano all at once. A tiny price come pay because that braving the hell pigs. (And yes — their nickname is well-earned.) Head for one of the clifftops if you"d like flatter land to work with.

construct too close come the trees, and you can leave her front door just in time to it is in pounced through a thylocorio. Yet the Redwood forest is a beautiful ar for those who have some great fighters to safeguard them. Setup up camp ~ above the coast by the flow will offer you some beautiful views.

The benefit to the coast is that you have a rapid take-off for her flyers, and flatter terrain to work-related with. Not to point out a an excellent source the meat. Yet if girlfriend dip into the forest just a little, you deserve to have some nice viewing stations if you build a couple of tree platforms.

If you make it the end to the North eastern ocean without a leedsichthys acquisition offense to your raft, Herbivore Island is one of the safest places on The Island. Just try not come antagonize some of the stabby herbivores, and also you’re in luck; the just predator you’re most likely to check out is the odd megalodon in the depths.

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there’s a pair of pretty places to develop on this secluded island. Girlfriend could earlier your base versus the cliff face near the lagoon, or construct on the backs that it. Girlfriend could additionally make an imaginative use that bridges to do a pretty sea pen for her aquatic tames.

back not an especially flat area to occupational with, there space a lot of of little spots in the southern Jungle because that a new explorer. Monitor the beach along until you discover the waterfall with the deep plunge pool, watch out for sarcosuchus, and head up over the rocks. The winding river leads come a couple more waterfalls and also pools, every one of which room beautiful and also well-placed locations to make her home.

One way to get around the uneven terrain is to develop your house on stilts and platforms. Girlfriend can likewise use them as bridges to get over the water without attracting piranhas, together an included bonus, and you"re not too far from the Red Obelisk, either.

follow the flow North the the green Obelisk inland, and also you will involved a sheltered lake v cliffs top top both sides and also some satisfied views. Over there aren"t too numerous predators to attend to except the sometimes dire bear, and as an added bonus, it"s among the far better places to find equus and some various other rare herbivores.

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The staggered cliffs aren"t the most basic to job-related with, but pillars will certainly be your friend functioning here. It likewise isn"t really resource-heavy, yet with the Maw and the surrounding Eastern Forest, girlfriend don"t must travel much to find what you need for many tasks.

while giant, indestructible rock attributes don"t do for easy architecture, they"re exorbitant decoration for a nice island. The southerly Islets have actually a lot of of level spots follow me the coast line through some distinct structures that you won"t discover elsewhere ~ above The Island. There are some gorgeous tiny sheltered lagoons, too, that deserve to be conveniently defended.

yet the scenery isn"t the only good thing around the Islets — you"re likewise pretty main to a most resources. Over there is a good source of metal on a nearby mountain, beaver dams on most of the tiny rivers heading inland, and plenty of sheet to save your herbivores fine fed.

A braver architect has a font of nice places in the Redwood Forest. If you the type of human to get conveniently lost, friend can’t go wrong with sticking come the little lagoon or the banks of the streams.

If did you do it unlocked the engram for tree platforms, this is great place come begin. You desire to continue to be off the ground, and make treehouses and also bridges for her keep. This one is most likely to be an ext of a holiday residence than a place to build an expansive barn, however there’s room for lots of creativity.

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it takes a small bit of exercise to construct something comprehensive on a raft (and without utilizing the admin console, you have actually a border to exactly how much deserve to be on it) however it can be done! and if you simply can’t decide where you desire to live, why no make your residence portable?

A portable house with some steel walls have the right to be a an excellent base for taming danger aquatic creatures. It’s additionally a great way to take her bed v you and also make your spawn suggest a little much more convenient. Simply make sure not come park it somewhere it’ll get trod on.

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