matter, energy, or both, are constantly changing their position, amounts, or form.

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Which the the following is true the meridians?

Meridians constantly follow an excellent circles.

The significance of any good circle is that it always

connects 2 points ~ above the surface ar of a ball with the shortest distance.

Geographic determinants are necessary when considering environmental issues or when examining potential sites for a new agricultural area or business because

location and spatial distribution often affect environmental, social, or economic behavior.

The "sphere" the intersects with all of the other spheres is the


Which the the letter represents the summer solstice because that the northern Hemisphere?

C (when just north america is illuminated)

Which of the water columns would experience the biggest temperature differences with depth?

B (calm)

The most necessary greenhouse gas because that retaining a variety of outgoing longwave radiation is


Electromagnetic Radiation.

is created of interacting electrical and magnetic fields.

On equinox.

tilt is neither inclined toward or away from the sun

In regard to the shortwave energy entering the earth’s atmosphere, most is.

used to warm either the setting or the soil surface.

From this graph, one must conclude that

most the the power input into the mechanism goes toward changing state, not to change temperature.

Land heats and cools an ext rapidly than the ocean because of its

lower particular heat when compared to the ocean.

Which of the complying with involves power storage in the water molecule in the form of implicitly heat?

melting, evaporation, sublimation

Which location is discovered at the highest latitude? base on the complying with climographs and also insolation graphs. Letters stand for a place where the climograph and insolation graph were recorded

D (insolation and also temp room both low)

Without greenhouse gases, earth’s temperature would be


As one ideologies the equator, the edge of incidence ____ and also the environment attenuation ______.

increases; decreases

The solar consistent is

consistent lot of energy received at the top of the atmosphere.

An object emits a range of electromagnetic power wave lengths because

not every molecules vibrate at the very same speed.

The just temperature range that relates transforms in internal energy to the absolute amount that heat gained or shed by a device is the

Kelvin scale.

What atmospheric class is the house of weather, has actually the greatest thickness of gas molecules, and has a diminish in temperature through height?


Which the the adhering to processes is generally responsible because that the sky’s blue color?


The earth’s radiation balance involves.

most power leaving the earth in the type of longwave radiation.

Which of the following entails the release of latent heat back into the environment?


Ozone thinning is.

more pronounce in Antarctica than the Arctic.

Land heats and cools much more rapidly than oceans due to the fact that of

lack of mixing in floor or rock layers.

As the zenith angle _____ the lot of power reaching the surface _____.

increases, decreases

During the northern hemisphere’s summer, the sun never completely descends in ~ the horizon in locations north that the _________ circle or ________ °N top top at the very least one complete day every year (hence the surname "Land that the Midnight Sun").

Arctic, 66.5

Below, you are provided the median monthly temperatures for Memphis, mountain Francisco, Irkutsk (Russia) and also Santos (Brazil). The yearly ranges the temperature in Memphis and also San Francisco space quite various (calculate castle to watch the magnitude). I beg your pardon of the following best explains the distinction in this ranges? You have the right to refer to a map if you space unfamiliar where any kind of of cities space located.

Memphis is located in the interior of the continent and therefore more influenced by the seasonal variety in solar radiation, while mountain Francisco is situated on the shore of an ocean and much more modulated by s temperatures.

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Assume you room in the northern hemisphere, and also match the days with the correct solar positions:

A)Winter solstice (B)Vernal (spring) and also autumnal (fall) equinoxes (C)Summer

What 2 factors, both result from the earth’s tilt, room most important in contributing come the seasons? Together, these two factors determine the complete amount the solar radiation event on the top of Earth’s atmosphere. Please select TWO correct answers.