Today I will be reviewing Sol-Fa the second studio album produced by the alternative rock band asian Kung Fu Generation. With the current popularity that Erased and its opened Re Re through the band. I believed it would certainly be a great time to evaluation the album it come from as component of mine Artist Spotlight Series.

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So just how does this work? Every month I review two or three albums native different significant Japanese music artists particularly ones that have done anime openings and also endings.The persons I pick get the artist spotlight and I go with their discography reviewing their albums separately throughout the coming months.

When I obtain through their created albums to the many recent I perform an artist spotlight whereby I compare all your albums in relationship to every other and also give the background of the group and also how they evolved through the year or v the their new albums.

It is a complete analysis and throughout the separate reviews i will connect the music I very own from the albums to my short articles so you have the right to listen and also experience what I"m talk about. This will be the first of plenty of reviews for oriental Kung Fu Generation is albums.

At the end of the post will it is in a link to the music I very own from the album. That is the same article but from my blog installed with a music player that will permit you to transition through the tracks and also listen come the album.

There will be no need to worry it will open within the amino app and keep friend on amino. Role to the finish of the post and also you will watch the music player. Allow me understand what you think if you desire after you hear to the music. What will certainly be your favorite tracks?

A small Bit around Asian Kung Fu Generation

The band was created in Yokohama, Japan in 1996. Throughout your career the band has included the exact same members since 1996. The vocalist Masafumi Goto, guitarist Kensuke Kita, bassist Takahiro Yamada, and also drummer Kiyoshi Ijichi.


The band"s musical format is influenced by western alternative rock, and also punk music blended with one indie rock form of style which came about from their early on days together they formatted their format coming into their very own as an indie absent band.

Their songs really balance this music throughout almost all their albums consists of rapid tempos and also prominent tough edged guitar riffs through a rhythmic flow and also emotional lyrics.

Though they view themselves as indie they have had global success and been praised critically for their music. They are certainly one that the more well recognized bands both nationally and internationally.

Some Facts around Sol-Fa Their 2nd Studio Album

The album debuted October 20 2004 at number one ~ above the Oricon charts whereby it continued to be for 2 weeks. It would go ~ above to sell 600,000 copies and was praised because that its honed sound and production quality by critics.


It was additionally one the the very first albums to rest the language obstacle for non Japanese listeners who heard it. It to be a much more accessible refined style with a more contemporary slant i m sorry foreigners can enjoy and also get into.

While in ~ the very same time still maintaining true come the bands indie roots and also style. The album would even rise to much more prominence internationally due to one that its singles being provided as the final opening because that Fullmetal Alchemist. The first Fullmetal Alchemist that had an anime only ending.

full steel alchemist opening 4

The opening song was Rewrite and was an immediate hit make the band so famous that it required their label Tofu records to release the album into more countries because of fan demands. It exit in the United states October 18 2005.

Here is a list of the singles the were exit before and also during the album"s debut.


Rewrite (Fullmetal Alchemist opening 4)

Loop and also Loop

Kimi no Machi Made

Another song from the album dubbed Re Re was freshly used as the opening for the well-known anime Erased that has actually come out in 2016.

ERASED opening HD (with subs!)


It"s time for united state to obtain into the review so let"s begin. Eastern Kung Fu Generation is just one of those bands that is fairly popular and also well known in the anime community. Having actually reached the legendary condition of bands such as L Arc En Ciel, and also like them has actually a large and devoted fan base.


Not just amongst anime fans but for anyone that is a Japanese rock enthusiast.Especially if over there a alternate indie, slight pop, or an ext calmed under rock tempo sort of person. The likes the mix of quick tempo combined with the occasional guitar solo and also riff having actually these change throughout an album come a an ext laid ago rhythmic pace whereby the lyrics can acquire down right personal.

Sorry for all the adjectives however it"s a an excellent description for eastern Kung Fu generation is in its entirety style even if not primary in all their works. It"s one that is definitely much more noticeable in their earlier albums, and is evident when you watch the shift from the very first album associated to you 5m to the second album Sol-Fa.


Their songs almost always have a personal element come them and having interpreted some that the songs Sol-Fa is no different. The album is certainly a have fun of the inner journey of the person and life itself.

As if one is make the efforts to uncover themselves looking back and forward. The album start off real energetic with Shindo- Kako. It"s a an excellent use of tempo and also rhythm and also Masafumi the vocalist shows a balanced range with a greater pitch because that the chorus refrains yet not to high.

The song has that personal element that I would certainly say a small angst and is enhanced by the Fullmetal Alchemist opening Rewrite. Wherein the same power is displayed but takes a more toned down rhythm.

All this is attach by guitar solos at miscellaneous points. Which is just one of the bands mainstays and occurs transparent the album.

The energetic tone proceeds throughout the album but has transition in rhythms v each track as it progresses since some the the song topics get much more personal having much more introspection.

To fit each mood your points as soon as tracks slow down to showcase much more haunting vocals for Masafumi where the guitar and also bass seem more subdued and also the drums at points don"t also factor in.

From there it typically leads come a much more sped increase chorus or is ended by a etc solo with maybe a stop or none in ~ all. Honestly ns feel like every song is different and also if they to be going for thematic transition lyric wise and music way it works.

The movie critics are correct in the this album has actually high production quality. Ns can also see why one album prefer this was much more accessible to foreign audiences. I would certainly say world from the U.S. And also England would enjoy this.

It has actually the feeling of the modern alternative rock, indie, and also punk bands that climbed to importance in the beforehand 2000"s few of which room still around.

Man at some points I assumed they might be a remixed Japanese version of Weezer. I"m no talking around the brand-new weezer but those much more old college albums. Because that those that don"t prefer punk don"t worry it yes, really doesn"t have that feeling though their glimpses of that style.

It gets more subdued by alternate rock tempo though just like an indie rock band it has actually a certain angst ns don"t prefer to use that word due to the fact that i don"t think it"s all at once sad . It"s simply that you feel it in the music.

Though the final song is more upbeat and a great tie in showing whatever coming in full circle.After every this was eastern Kung Fu Generation is early years and also I"m certain as young together they were they as with anybody in your late teens or at an early stage twenties to be trying to uncover themselves.

Not to disappointed anyone Re Re is great but to be not one of my favorites and also that"s because it had actually a longer guitar and also bass solo through fewer text and an ext refrain in the chorus yet it is tho good.

My just critiscism is that part songs space weaker by themselves but are stronger as soon as listened all in addition to the album together a whole. Though its only a few songs.

Overall ns really appreciated this album and thought it was great. It absolutely is worth the purchase and a good introduction to eastern Kung Fu Generation.

My Rating

9/10: Great

Is a good gateway album to introduce world to Japanese music particularly indie rock.

If you hear to every the songs the album pays off as a whole theme wise and music wise.

Album and also song replay enjoyment 8.5/10: Great

Majority that the songs room replayable and fully enjoyable.

Some songs might not stand together strongly by themselves.

vocals 9/10: Great

Easy to hear too and also not overbearing or supervisor high pitched.

Instrument pat 10/10: Excellent

Amazing usage of guitar, bass, and drums in mix with the two.

My favorite tracks indigenous the album in no certain order are


To her Town

Last Scene


Loop come Loop


My world

Places You have the right to Purchase The Album Digitally

1.Amazon Music: v the app for android phones and tablets, and likewise on the internet store for computers.

2. Itunes Music Store: for phone, tablets, and computers.

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