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"Asking for a Friend" is one expression frequently used together a sarcastic quip when asking ashamed or awkward questions, indicating that the topic is therefore shameful it need to be inquiry under the guise that a helpful friend.


While the origin of the quip is unknown. On may 14th, 1996, rec.motorcycles user Andy the Pugh jokingly claimed to be "asking because that a friend" as soon as asking about how come straighten fork legs on a motorcycle (shown below).<5>

In 2010, a Yahoo Answers question asking "Does a cat recognize when you"re masturbating? I"m asking for a friend?" to be submitted to the site. In December 2012, the asking For A friend Tumblr<8> blog was launched, featuring photo macros captioned v embarrassing questions and also the phrase "asking because that a friend" (shown below).

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In November 2013, the questioning For a friend Twitter feed was launched, featuring assorted bizarre questions followed by the explain "asking for a friend."<3>


On April 2nd, 2014, Mashable<4> published a listicle titled "31 human being Who room NOT questioning For a Friend."

On august 12th, StackExchange<2> user ellyahu-g submitted a inquiry asking if there was a term because that the exercise of saying you are "asking because that a friend" once asking a inquiry for yourself. Top top September 16th, the net humor website Elite Daily<9> published a listicle of "46 concerns you would never ever ask for yourself."

On November 3rd, 2015, metropolitan Dictionary<1> user Ash1355 it is registered an entry because that "asking for a friend," specifying it together a phrase provided by who who cases "to be questioning for a friend, when they space in fact asking for themselves."


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