Axis & Allies Pacific 1940 (released in 2009) boosts upon the initial Axis & Allies Pacific game that was released in 2001. Football player of the original Pacific video game will notification some brand-new rules along with some interesting new elements.

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One together item is the Political situation rule. Based in 1940, the video game starts with just Japan and also China in ~ war. The staying 3 Allies room at tranquility in the Pacific Theater through Japan. It’s a cat and mouse game to provoke and disturb terms and also treaties v one one more to really begin the earlier to basics Axis & Allies us all understand well.

The Political instance rule is great because the designer (Larry Harris) has really put background into game play as lot as that could. Playing this video game firsthand may seem a little bit confusing when reading the rules, yet understanding the politics history, it provides a lot much more sense.

As for units, new in Pacific 1940 is the Cruiser Warship — originally introduced in Axis & Allies Guadalcanal. Mechanized Infantry (better known as the Track, introduced in Axis & Allies battle of the Bulge) is also brand-new to the Pacific game. As for the skies, a brand-new Tactical Bomber is added. It can land on plane carriers and also partake in scramble operations.

Industrial complexes are considered Minor or significant in this game, through the number of units that can be ‘built’ dependent on this. Air and also Naval bases are also used – v each giving an extra an are of activity when leaving native either.

Of note, Australia and new Zealand space their very own player in Pacific 1940, fighting under the ANZAC banner.

Not had (when compared to the initial Pacific game) are: IPC file money, plastic commercial complexes and also anti-aircraft guns, victory funding city roundels, task force cards and also (it may seem) a absence of playing units. US maritime units are additionally removed because that Pacific 1940.

There is a second edition of Axis & Allies Pacific 1940. Basically it consists of an extra it is provided of units and plastic chips – and new colours.

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Players: 2-4Board dimensions: 35x 20 inches or 83 x 50 cm

Game primer Video:

A Closer Look:

Board art.


Box cover.


Country boxes.


Game board.


Start of game setup.


Kamikaze symbol on the video game board.


Neutral ar example.


Strategic bombers have the right to land on plane carriers.


Strategic bombers, cruisers and mechanized infantry are brand-new to this version of Pacific.


ANZAC (Australia and new Zealand).


New look at anti-aircraft. Arrival of Air and Navy bases.

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China is sustained by USA fighter.



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