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I to be so identified to “wear” my critical baby. I’d never done the babywearing point before and also was therefore excited for all the benefits and also convenience the babywearing. I had a woven wrap, and while plenty of moms swear through woven wraps, that did not job-related for us…at all. Therefore the minute I discovered out i was expecting infant #3 ns hopped on and also started analysis reviews of infant carriers.

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It wasn’t long before I uncovered the baby K’tan carriers. After reading the reviews i was so drawn in by the intuitive, straightforward on, simple off design! i knew that I had to try this carrier with our next baby.


The infant K’tan carrier is kind of in it’s own class of carriers. Not quite a sling, wrap, or structured carrier, infant K’tan is favor a “wrap without every the wrapping”.


Unlike a wrap, the baby K’tan consists of two different pieces. Two huge loops linked by an adjustable support band and also a sash that deserve to be wrapped roughly you and also the infant for added support.

Made native 100% noodle knit, infant K’tan will certainly stretch and also conform come both yours and baby’s body. Due to the fact that the baby K’tan is expected to it is in snug like a wrap, the carrier come in different sizes. Though it doesn’t stroked nerves me–I do many of the babywearing–I think this offers the greatest potential drawback to the product. If friend would prefer both you and your spouse to have the ability to wear your child in the K’tan you’re most likely going to need to purchase 2 infant K’tan carriers–1 for you and also one for your spouse.

The baby K’tan transport is designed because that babies 8-35 lbs. Infant Brother to be 8 lbs in ~ birth however dropped under to just listed below 7 1/2 lbs. At 3 weeks old he has just right regained his birth weight. That way that the bulk of the 3 weeks we’ve been making use of the infant K’tan infant Brother has been slightly listed below the recommended weight of 8 lbs.


7 lbs 6 oz. Waiting for his medical professionals appointment.

Though i wouldn’t recommend using the infant K’tan on a infant weighing an ext than a couple of ounces under the weight limit, the transport worked very well through Baby Brother. I just had actually to make certain that I supported his back with mine hand therefore he didn’t slump down as well much.


I’ve no been disappointed v the infant K’tan in the least. Though not quite as versatile as a wrap they have virtually the exact same benefits of a without plenty of of the drawbacks. As soon as I supplied a wrap ns was constantly frustrated by the number lot of time and variety of steps it took to wrap. By the moment I had actually the wrap all set my kid would it is in screaming.

Baby brothers absolutely loves being in the infant K’tan! that takes me every one of 60 secs to put it on and get the situated, and then he is happy as a clam resting versus his mama. The is amazing how calm he is once he is in the K’tan!


 Looking up in ~ mama.

I LOVE the infant K’tan because it enables me to quickly and also conveniently change the baby from his infant vehicle seat to a carrier. Ns no longer have to lug his heavy vehicle seat v me to the doctor’s office, store, or wherever else I’m going. I’m actually wearing the infant in his infant K’tan as I form this!

The infant K’tan carrier fits in my diaper bag therefore I have it v me at all times, and let me call you, ns take this v me EVERYWHERE! ns love it! However, due to the fact that there is no belt the displaces baby’s weight approximately my hips, I’m not certain that I’ll have the ability to wear it once Baby brother passes 20 lbs or so. That, however, is much more a duty of worries I have with mine own earlier than with any type of sort of architecture flaw.

If you’re in the market for a infant carrier I extremely recommend discovering the infant K’tan. The infant K’tan website has actually all kinds of resources including benefits of babywearing and a FAQ web page with lots of information about the baby K’tan.

Baby K’tan carriers begin at simply $49.95

Finally, I want to say a vast THANK YOU!!! to baby K’tan because that being an procedure Baby shower Sponsor! baby K’tan donated a baby K’tan carrier to a military household in need! I would love for your assist in thanking infant K’tan for your participation in this event! you can help me say give thanks to you by retweeting the article below or by posting a rapid thank you on Baby K’tan’s facebook page.

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Thank friend
BabyKtan for her generous donation come #OperationBabyShower! #Military families thank you! #SOT

— Amy T ( February 12, 2013

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