If you’re in the sector for an oxygen/heart price monitor for her baby, no doubt you’ve come across the baby Vida and Owlet monitors. Both room sock kind devices that wrap roughly your baby’s foot to measure its an essential statistics and also send the end an alarm if the measurements fall external the norm.

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Parents may want one oxygen saturation and heart price monitor for many reasons, such as – baby has actually a medical condition which warrants extra monitoring, or just for tranquility of mind while the parents sleep.

The Owlet Smart sock 2 is hands down the much more reliable the the two, based on the suffer of a huge number of parents that credit the an equipment with offering peace the mind, and also even conserving the resides of their babies.

The Winner – Owlet Smart amount say 2

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Owlet Smart sock 2 Features:Owlet Smart amount say 2 customer Reviews:The Really good StuffReliableHospital grade technologyComfortableEasyNo Wifi essential to operatePortableWarrantyFree uneven you want an ext perksThe Potentially negative StuffExpensiveNot the best customer company in the pastLong fee timeBaby Vida features:Baby Vida client Reviews:The Really good StuffInexpensiveWhen the works, it works wellThe Potentially bad StuffNot the most reliableNeeds an app to transmit alarmCumbersomeNot ComfortableAlso long charge time

Owlet Smart amount say 2 Features:

Measures oxygen and heart rate using pulse oximetry – hospital class technologyWraps around foot the the babyCompatible through Apple or Android mobile phones – connect via Wifi100 ft selection (for the Owlet Smart amount say 2, the original Smart Sock had a range of 15 ft)Works without Wifi – deserve to work through base terminal aloneSock come in 3 sizes, grows through child, approximately 18 monthsRecharges fully in around 3 hoursMore expensive

Owlet Smart amount say 2 customer Reviews:

Baby’s Den – 5.0 stars, 12 reviews

Albee infant – 4.9, 11 reviews

Owlet – 4.5 stars, 926 reviews

Check out the video clip from the manufacturer below:

The Really an excellent Stuff


It is clean that most users of the Owlet Smart amount say 2 uncover it reliable, which is no the instance for a many of competing products. Parents were satisfied with the tranquility of mind that offered and also there were not a lot of reports that false alarms or the amount say coming off. Reliability is a huge factor in the decision do of most parents as soon as purchasing an oxygen/heart rate monitor for your baby.

Hospital grade technology

The Owlet Smart sock 2 uses the same technology as is offered in hospitals – pulse oximetry or the tiny red light the clips top top to your finger in ~ the hospital to measure up oxygen saturation. It’s not invasive, safe and accurate.


There were no reports the I could find the the Owlet Smart amount say 2 gift uncomfortable. If anything, the only consideration was that it can not fit premature babies together their foot would certainly be too small for the sock. And even then, the manufacturer has suggestions on just how to make the sock fit better on the small foot.

However, since the Owlet Smart amount say 2 has 3 various sized socks, it should be straightforward to accommodate most baby feet approximately 18 months old. The smallest size sock fits babies from 6-8 lbs up, for around the an initial month of age. The next size is because that 1-3 months and the last is from 4-18 month approximately.


The keyword because that the Owlet Smart sock 2 is EASY. Individuals report the Owlet Smart amount say is basic to put on and get a an excellent fit. The directions are simple to understand. The app is straightforward to navigate. Straightforward is good.

No Wifi needed to operate

The Owlet Smart amount say 2 is fully operational if there is no Wifi connectivity available. Without a Wifi connection, the baby breathing screen communicates v the base station via Bluetooth and it will certainly be the key alert system. The base station supplies a sound alarm and also a light alarm in situation of trouble. Through a Wifi connection, it deserve to be connected with the application on her phone and also the alert will certainly come with the app on the smartphone as well as the base station.


Because the Owlet Smart amount say 2 go not require Wifi to operate, it’s fully portable. You have the right to take it from house to daycare, come the car, top top vacation, etc. There is no Wifi, the Smart sock will interact with the basic station and also any alarms will be seen and also heard top top the basic station.


The Owlet Smart sock 2 is guaranteed under warranty for 1 year.

Free uneven you want more perks

The Owlet Smart amount say 2 does have the choice of a monthly subscription which provides historical data on your baby’s sleep patterns (deep vs light sleep, etc) and age based milestones. However, plenty of parents find this unnecessary together the totally free version provides monitoring in genuine time and that’s every they really have to monitor.

The Potentially poor Stuff


The Owlet Smart amount say 2 is much much more expensive 보다 Baby Vida, about dual the price. Because that price mindful parents, this may be a downer, yet the dependability of the machine would make up for the budget buster. Inspect the present price ~ above Amazon here!

Not the best customer company in the past

There to be reports that customer company not gift the most valuable in the past as soon as customers have run right into issues. Basically, if it works well, you’re an excellent to go. But if you run into trouble, you could have troubles getting the company to aid you settle them. Hopefully, the agency has solved it’s customer treatment issues and is functioning on taking care of parental better. Current reviews seem to support this change.

Long charge time

The Owlet Smart sock 2 takes around 3-4 hrs to totally charge, per the manufacturer. As lengthy as friend remember come plug the in during the day, speak in in between naps and long prior to bedtime, you should be fine. Countless parents just acquire in the habit that plugging the in as quickly as they take it it turn off the baby. Yet if you forget come plug it in, the clever Sock might run the end of battery prior to the night is through, which means it’s no going to be surveillance the baby.

Surely with the breakthroughs in technology, one would mean to check out the fee time decrease with each consecutive version that comes out.

To read an ext about the Owlet Smart amount say 2, inspect out our in depth review here or the manufacturer’s website here.

The jogger up – baby Vida

Baby Vida features:

Monitors oxygen andheart price via a “brand new type of pulse oximetry”Wraps approximately foot and ankle of the babyWorks there is no wi-fiWireless, bluetooth, compatible through Apple or Android smartphonesFits comfortably over baby’s foot60 ft rangeRecharges completely in around 3 hoursMuch much less expensive than the Owlet

Baby Vida customer Reviews:

Google – 2.7 stars, 15 reviews

Walmart – 2.4 stars, 10 reviews

Check the end the video clip from the manufacturer below:

The Really great Stuff


The really nice part of the infant Vida monitor is the price. Currently, that is much less than half the price the the Owlet Smart amount say 2. This is an excellent news for family members on a spending plan who require an oxygen/heart price monitor. Check the currentprice on Amazon here!

When that works, it works well

The reports indigenous the customers that were satisfied through the baby Vida screen were very positive. Those client really favored the monitor and also were happy v their purchase. This says to me that when the monitor works well, the does a great job.

The Potentially poor Stuff

Not the many reliable

Unfortunately, plenty of of the reviews that were left for the baby Vida monitor, display the product was completely unreliable. This is disconcerting, as having actually an oxygen/heart price monitor the doesn’t occupational is possibly also worse than not having actually one at all. At the very least when girlfriend don’t have actually a monitor, you can be hyper-vigilant matches relying top top something only to uncover out the failed you. Parental reported the unit simply did no work, or walk not occupational well.

Needs an application to transmit alarm

Unlike the Owlet Smart sock 2, the infant Vida go not have a stand-alone base station through which to transmit the alarms. The baby Vida uses Bluetooth technology to sync with many Android and Apple phones and also will then push the alarm to the device. However what if her phone dies during the night? without a phone to receive the data, and because there is no basic station, you will not have accessibility to the data being accumulated (or any alarms).


Where the Owlet excels in ease, the baby Vida does not. The directions space confusing and cumbersome, and also so is the actual procedure of placing the amount say on and getting a good fit.

Not Comfortable

Some evaluate say the the product actually caused damages to the skin the the baby’s foot. Component of the worry was the in order come secure the screen to the baby’s foot, it needed to be really tight. The screen straps rubbed the skin raw and also it take it weeks come heal. This was additionally disconcerting come me as a monitor that is worn as a sock should be comfortable sufficient to wear for every nap and also bedtime. Having to worry around rubbing your baby’s skin life is the contrary of what this monitor is claimed to achieve – i beg your pardon is tranquility of mind.

Also long charge time

Just like the Owlet Smart sock 2, the baby Vida has a fee time of around 3 hours. But, as lengthy as friend remember come plug that in throughout the day, speak in between naps and also long prior to bedtime, you must be fine. Still, it’s a potential inconvenience.

To read more about the baby Vida monitor, inspect out the manufacturer’s website here.

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The baby Vida did not make our perform of the ideal Baby Monitors, however the Owlet certainly did. Head over to that write-up to uncover out why we like the various other baby monitors best.

Which one walk you decision to walk with? Or have you provided either and have feedback come give? please let us know!