This is a guide to the quest titled it is in It ever So Humble... Native The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Check out on to find out locations, rewards, finest choices, best outcomes, who will visit you, as well as useful tips and strategy because that completing this quest.

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Burlap is the new Stripe Be It ever before So Humble...


Ciri will certainly visit if girlfriend did no romance or romanced lock both, and Ciri survives the White Frost.


Dandelion will visit if friend did no romance or romanced lock both, and Ciri does no come ago from the White Frost. That will additionally visit if you began a standalone Blood and Wine playthrough or if you finished it before completing the base game.

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All Blood and Wine key Quests

No. Quest TitleLocationSugg. Level
1Envoys, Wineboys Stonecutters" Settlement34
2The Beast the Toussaint The Cockatrice Inn, Corvo Bianco, Tourney Grounds, palace Gardens35
3Blood operation Palace Gardens, Beauclair36
4La Cage au Fou Mère-Lachaiselongue Cemetery, Trastamara Estate, Tesham Mutna Ruins39
5Where kids Toil, toys Waste away Mère-Lachaiselongue Cemetery, Beauclair Port42
6Wine is spiritual Beauclair Palace, Castel Ravello, ft Astre Ruins42
7The guy from Cintra Beauclair43
8Capture the lock Count de la Croix"s Mill47
9The Night of long Fangs Beauclair47
10Beyond Hill and Dale... Land of a thousands Fables47
11Blood an easy La Compassion Orphanage47
12What Lies Unseen Cave southwest indigenous Beauclair47
13Tesham Mutna Tesham Mutna Ruins49
14Pomp and also Strange situation Beauclair, Mère-Lachaiselongue Cemetery49
15Burlap is the brand-new Stripe Beauclair49
16Be It ever So Humble... Corvo Bianco49

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