The sit-up check is a measure up the endurance that the ab and hip-flexor muscles. The aim of this test is to perform as plenty of sit-ups as you have the right to in 2 minutes. This test forms component of the US maritime Physical Fitness check (PFT), performed by US maritime personnel every six months.

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purpose: This test measures the endurance that the abdominal muscle and hip-flexor muscles.

equipment required: flat ground, stopwatch

pre-test: Explain the test steps to the subject. Execute screening of health risks and also obtain notified consent. Prepare forms and record basic information such as age, height, human body weight, gender, check conditions. Carry out an ideal warm-up. See an ext details that pre-test procedures.

procedure: The target of this test is to perform as numerous sit-ups as you deserve to in 2 minutes. The starting position is lying on your back with your knees bent and feet level on the floor. The arms space folded across and the chest, and must keep no gap between the forearms and also the chest at every times. A second person is allowed to host the reduced legs or ankles. On the command ‘go,’ start the crunch by increasing your upper body forward until the elbow or forearms touch the thighs, and then lower the torso until the shoulder knives touch the ground. This is one complete sit up.

the marine sit up assessment technique

scoring: The maximum number of correctly performed sit ups is recorded. Both male and also female Marines room awarded one allude for every crunch, and also a minimum number is compelled to happen the test. The minimum needs is the same for males and females, being 50 for those age 17-26, 45 because that those aged 27-45, and 40 crunches for those 46 and also over. See PFT for more information about scoring.

comments: No bouncing or arching the the lower ago is allowed, and also the buttocks have to remain in consistent contact through the floor throughout the test. Resting throughout the exercise is allowed in one of two people the up or the under position.

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