Physician assistants (PAs) room licensed health treatment professionals who administer any medical company for i beg your pardon they have actually been prepared by education, training and experience, and are skilled to perform. Information regarding a medical professional assistant’s existing licensure status deserve to be discovered by searching for the medical professional assistant at the uncover a Licensee - ALMS digital Services page of the Board"s website.

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IMPORTANT: If friend are looking for a doctor Assistant whom you believe is currently licensed yet cannot situate him/her ~ above our search engine or you situate them and their standing is ‘Withdrawn/Terminated by Licensee’, please additionally check the board of osteopathic Licensure website at and also click ‘Find a Licensee in our Database’ as the physician Assistant may be current with the Board.

Permanent License is now participating in the FSMB Uniform applications process. This means that there is now one place to apply for your medical professional Assistant License.

Please testimonial the State the needs for physician Assistant Licensure (PDF) prior to you begin the application. Click the "Apply because that licensure in one or an ext states" link in the picture below to start your Uniform application for licensure.

Apply because that licensure in one or much more states


Important Notice

Before rendering any medical solutions in, a PA must: possess an energetic license authorize by the Board. PAs may be license is granted by the board of Licensure in Medicine, or the plank of osteoporosis Licensure.

Physician Assistant Rule

Board dominance Chapter 2 is a joint ascendancy with the board of osteopathic Licensure and pertains come the licensure, registration, limit of practice, supervision, notification, and also continuing education requirements because that PAs that are looked after by one of two people an allopathic or osteopathic physician. Any kind of PA licensed and registered in and rendering medical services under the supervision that a physician must be acquainted with this rules. A copy deserve to be downloaded from the Board"s website on the rule & law page.

Online Jurisprudence Exam

PAs applying for a license to render medical services in need to successfully finish an digital jurisprudence check pertaining to the Board"s laws and rules. The plank has produced an online examine guide, i beg your pardon PAs are urged to download and review before taking the jurisprudence examination. The study overview is available on the Board"s website below (PDF). The study guide and also jurisprudence examination are easily accessible on the Board"s website at: number=376. The exam should be bring away every 4 years.

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Renewal Information

PA licenses have to be fix up every two years.PA registrations (for those PAs who room rendering clinical services) must additionally be fix up every two years.Licensees born in even-numbered years must renew your licenses by the critical day of your birth month every even-numbered year.Licensees born in odd-numbered years should renew your licenses through the critical day of their birth month every odd-numbered year.

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The fee Schedule is as follows: