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Barter routes that call for paintings appear in the start Barter levels. This guide will permit you know which paintings to purchase and also the land items you can achieve from them.

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Barterers that request paintings, permit for 2 Exchanges in ~ once, which would call for 2 paintings purchased indigenous an NPC in Calpheon.

In exchange, the Barterer will give you among two possible land goods.

Painting barters seem come be fairly common after ~ a specific Barter level, but which route and also item you will obtain is random.

Painting Barters

multiply painting cost x2 and also land great quantities x2 if you carry out the preferably exchanges.

Landscape painting of Demi River 1,000,000 silver

Cloud Mushroom (2,000 to 2,500)Vinegar (2,500 to 3,000)

Landscape painting of a Tree 1,100,000 silver

Lead Ore (1,500 come 2,000)Old Tree Bark (300 to 400)

Landscape painting of Foggy Serendia 980,000 silver

Noc Ore (1,500 to 2,000)Wool (80 to 90)

Velia Watchtower and Cron castle Landscape 980,000 silver

Fruit of variety (40 to 50)Star Anise (1,000 to 1,500)

Painting sellers in Calpheon

Both NPC painting vendors have actually the exact same pricing.

Ausonio Trevisan Location: Calpheon City


Leordo Dias Location: Dias farm (NE the Calpheon City)


Profitability of paint Barter Routes

Should i Barter Paintings?

All the land goods you achieve from paint barters will be used for future Barter Routes.

Some of the land products that you acquire are somewhat rare and would take hours to achieve yourself, favor the Fruit the Abundance.

I always do the Fruit that Abundance paint barters since I like to save them for various other crafting. I don’t typically do the Barter courses that take my Fruit that *.

You have to decide what your play time is worth and also what you enjoy the most. You might want to actually use the article the Barter would take away.

Do paint Barters do Money?

At the time of this writing the Barter paths for paintings make silver, if you offer the land products at the Marketplace. Yet be certain to look increase the Marketplace demand and also pricing for any Barter that offers land goods, as pricing have the right to flucuate with events, supply, etc.

Sailing & take trip Time

Keep in mind the moment you space eating up simply sailing to the Barter NPC. It likewise takes time to travel to Calpheon City to buy the paintings.

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I do the paint exchanges, when it looks prefer they are already along a Barter route I want to do.

NOTE: paintings DO not STACK!!!

You may want come buy paints ahead of time on an Alt or keep them what (Wagon/Storage/Alt) near a kai for much easier access. Save in mental they don’t stack!