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Simply, Sage is magical. The been supplied for many, numerous years to clear and also bless spaces, as well as people. “Smudging” is the term you’ll frequently hear provided when mentioning all ranges of sage. It’s the practice of burn dried plant material, traditionally white sage, come purify other or someone.

White sage is what most civilization are acquainted with, and also honestly what we often tended to occupational with in the past, however recently we’ve learned around the an adverse environmental and social impacts the White Sage and in irradiate of that info, we’ve switched all of our sage offerings to Blue Sage as it"s much less problematic.



Because the exercise of smudging houses has end up being much much more widespread the past couple of years (you’ll an alert little kits and also the like at stores all over the country), White Sage is currently an at hazard species. It’s been in such high demand lately that over harvesting has become a serious issue.

In addition to general overharvesting, yes sir a issue over the social awareness the this details plant. When you see new age kits at city Outfitters and also even Walmart and also Amazon...the spiritual-minded amongst us start to feel part concern. 

One the the biggest issues with these substantial companies offering White Sage, is that there’s basically no accountability methods behind the harvest. Human being were arrested in California last year because that the illegal harvest of hundreds of pounds of sage on a preserve.

The an ext you know, right?

As always, we’re learning and evolving. We’re no perfect but we’re happy come know around the fragility that this product and also with the knowledge, use our privilege to perform better!

Our conscious different is Blue Sage.



Blue Sage is carefully related to White Sage in that it’s widely offered for cleansing, but it likewise has medicinal applications! parts of the tree are offered by indigenous neighborhoods in the treatment of flu symptoms.

It’s likewise known together "Grandmother Sage” and also provides distinctive spiritual strength.

You can find Blue Sage growing in the deserts that the Southwestern united state (native come California, Nevada, and also Arizona). It’s technically a shrub called for its plentiful blue-violet flower that flourish in dense clusters. It has thin leaves and a smell that’s both herbaceous and also floral, not unlike Lavender!

Blue Sage’s soothing, be sure smell have the right to be offered to aid meditation, or burned simply for enjoyment.

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And a an excellent to understand fun fact: that less...pungent than White Sage, for this reason you can appreciate it much more if girlfriend find classic White Sage a little bit overpowering!

Are y"all acquainted with the White Sage versus Blue Sage minute happening? allow us know your favorite spiritually to adjust plants!