I installed and attempted come play borderlands 2 top top a freshly made pc/fresh download of windows 10 today. Concerns from the start! The game starts, but upon the 2k logo, the video freezes and the sound proceeds to play. Things I have actually done to resolve this:

made sure I was utilizing my correct AMD drivers for gpu. I uninstalled every various other driver other than the straightforward display driver, booted up into safemode and ran DDU, rebooted in typical to download AMD 16.1, rebooted and also no-go.

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ran the .exe from the steam folder, climate ran it together administrator, climate ran the in compatibility for windows 7… no go

uninstalled, reinstalled come a new drive. No go. Uninstalled/reinstalled ago to os drive. Tho nothing.

any other ideas?

amd 9590, 16gb ram, r9 390, 1000w psu, 2 x 850 evo ssd’s, and as discussed w10 os (professional, clean install and also no upgrade). Thanks in advance

edit 1:

ran steam’s game game cache truth tool. One document fixed. Tho no dice
Adabiviak (Guajiro Pandoreño) January 11, 2016, 3:37am #2

I can confirm that it’s feasible to beat the steam version in windows 10 without an issue (for my mix of hardware/drivers anyway). Try adding -NoLauncher to the startup alternatives (right click the video game name in her library, select Properties, top top the basic tab, click the collection Launch options button, and add that text. If it’s just an issue with those .BIK movie files, you deserve to at least obtain the video game started (although these record types are also used in game, yet let’s view if you can’t acquire past the introductory videos first).

megaphone66640 (Megaphone66640) January 11, 2016, 1:28pm #3

I gave what you argued a go. But I am having difficulty finding what you are asking me to change. Ns am not seeing the Startup Options, or the collection Launch options button in the general tab the the applications Properties.


bl2troubleshooting.png822×592 61.8 KB

Am i in the not correct spot, looking at the wrong things?


bl2troubleshooting2.png644×596 42.2 KB
lureifaysmd (lureifaysmd) January 11, 2016, 2:27pm #4

its not vapor library in your hdd yet in her steam client app.

I discovered what was asked of me to do.


here’s the 1026:


seem’s choose something is lacking according to the 1026. Walk to shot reinstalling come a fresh location.

megaphone66640 (Megaphone66640) January 11, 2016, 5:02pm #8

I just disabled windows defender on my w10 to download and reinstall bl2 to see if the helps

Edit: nope, still acquiring that same game cache verity error from steam, and also can’t get video clip to play pretty on start yet. Bummer

Edit two: ns made a ticket. Will certainly post earlier upon results. The file missing isn’t a game document but some .net v4.

Adabiviak (Guajiro Pandoreño) January 12, 2016, 2:29am #9

Here’s what I have installed follow me those present in situation it helps (it seems like any game that supplies this brings over the specific version it needs upon environment


net.jpg1125×655 133 KB
megaphone66640 (Megaphone66640) January 12, 2016, 5:45am #10

Thanks for showing me that ss. Seems prefer you have actually a bit more architecture on your is 보다 mine. It is weird. I’ll post mine up tomorrow for comparison

I know I certainly don’t have actually that certain architecture you have highlighted… That might be what’s giving me all this trouble. I have tried come manually download .net v4, yet w10 won’t have actually it ugh

megaphone66640 (Megaphone66640) January 12, 2016, 3:01pm #11

So yea, this is my mounted Programs list. Keep in mind the design difference, and also I understand that ns didn’t uninstall any of those! ns wonder why mine is therefore different. Ns turned off my anti malware stuff (malwarebytes, wdefender, wfirewall) because that the install, too.


bl2installedprograms.png958×566 45.6 KB
Adabiviak (Guajiro Pandoreño) January 13, 2016, 2:48am #12

The C++ Redistributable stuff? i think those are installed by the various sets of software that we have actually (since they it seems to be ~ to need very particular versions of the software): ns don’t recognize how countless of those come stock with Windows 10, and I certainly don’t understand which program favors i beg your pardon version, however this should get the support team top top the best track.

megaphone66640 (Megaphone66640) January 13, 2016, 5:23am #13

That’s a great point. Forgot about other programs lol duh. Guess: v who obtained a tiny bit tunnel-visioned? This guy. XD

Ticket is up. Dxdiag msinfo and also -nolauncher spanned with 2k technology support. Thanks you 2 for pointing me in the right direction! I’ll article whatever development I get.


bl2troubleshooting7.png1129×628 68.3 KB
bl2troubleshooting6.png1097×644 118 KB

2k tech support additionally had me rotate off the intro movies with the game engine .ini file. Unfortunately, that didn’t work-related either.

bltroubleshooting5.png1138×901 74.1 KB

Thanks again because that the suggestion. Absolutely not sure whats going on right here so anything have the right to help.


megaphone66640 (Megaphone66640) January 17, 2016, 6:10am #17

Hello! ns am happy to report the I, quite literally, stumbled top top the solution to my problem. My problem was, upon installing Borderlands 2 indigenous Steam, my machine was apparently still doing not have the suitable DirectX architecture. I was under the impression that whatever Borderlands 2 required was installed. This was no the case.

Today I mounted OBS software so I may stream to mine Twitch profile. Together I ran the environment of OBS, the wizard stated that I needed to download some extr DirectX files, to which ns proceeded come download and also install.

bl2troubleshooting9.png1000×490 59 KB
bl2troubleshooting8.png821×575 63.6 KB

Then I installed OBS, tweaked its settings, yadda yadda… climate I had a thought around the DirectX documents I just recently installed, that probably I should offer BL2 an additional go?

Voila! (Really.) the is what to be fouling me up. Expect this help someone else. Many thanks everyone who stopped in and also had the patience come read and also chime in on my details issue, due to the fact that it really helped to number out what no the issue. Give thanks to you all.


Adabiviak (Guajiro Pandoreño) January 20, 2016, 2:22am #18

Glad things functioned out… sounds prefer you gained lucky stumbling into that? ns am still under the impression that everything Borderlands 2 requirements to run will come with an install, also though that didn’t appear to occur in your case.

Gulfwulf (Cast stole Chef (R.I.P.)) January 20, 2016, 7:48pm #19

I think the installer simply looks to view if DX is installed, and also if so, doesn’t try to reinstall it. Ns guess those records got corrupted or turned off somehow. I use the non-web installer that DX 9 for older games, so i’ve never had actually an worry with it. Ns glad Mega got their problem resolved though.

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painstiller71 (painstiller71) January 21, 2016, 5:04am #20

Glad everything pand out simply fine then crazy that straight X was fault the totality time.

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