Cory Matthews, the titular boy, grow up in this long-running sitcom, a staple of ABC"s "TGIF" lineup through lot of the 1990s. (It premiered when Cory was 11 and ended with him married to childhood sweetheart Topanga Lawrence.)

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Episode 1

Show Me the Love

Fri, Sep 24, 1999 30 mins

Topanga"s decision to finish things with Cory affect Angela"s settle to reunite v Shawn (Rider Strong). Meanwhile, Jack and Rachel don"t fare lot better, and Eric sees his chance to move earlier in vanish ~ the women come knocking. Angela: Trina McGee-David. Jack: Matthew Lawrence. Feeny: william Daniels.

Episode 2

For Love and Apartments

Fri, Oct 1, 1999 30 mins

together Cory and Shawn struggle Pittsburgh come reunite Topanga"s folks, WWF star Mankind refs a battle between Jack, Eric and also the females over possession the the apartment. Rhiannon: Marcia Cross. Jedediah: note Harelik. Angela: Trina McGee-Davis. Eric: will certainly Friedle. Shawn: rider Strong.

Episode 3

Angela"s Men

Fri, Oct 8, 1999 30 mins

A couple of good men pertained to Angela"s assist when Shawn recruits her armed forces dad (Julius Carry) to aid the lonely lady address her absent mom. Meanwhile, Eric (Will Friedle) maps the end a strategy to precise his revenge on Topanga because that beating that up and also stealing his apartment. Rachel: Maitland Ward. Angela: Trina McGee-Davis. Shawn: rider Strong.

Episode 4

No Such thing as a sure Thing

Fri, Oct 15, 1999 30 mins

on the night of the huge game, Eric gets Jack in over his head v a bookie, if Topanga decides to put her money top top Cory after her mother visits. Rhiannon: Marcia Cross. Angela: Trina McGee-Davis. Topanga: daniel Fishell. Jack: Matthew Lawrence.

Episode 5

You irradiate Up mine Union

Fri, Oct 22, 1999 30 mins

Jack (Matthew Lawrence) and Eric learn the art of managing each other when they take end as supervisors of the college student union. Meanwhile, Rachel reads the men the riot plot after Cory and also Shawn pry right into her diary. Organ Grinder: Jack Axelrod. Shawn: driver Strong. Louie: Shaun Weiss. Rachel: Maitland Ward.

Episode 6

They"re death Us

Fri, Oct 29, 1999 30 mins

Topanga and also Cory (Ben Savage) hash out their wedding woes, which encompass his choice for finest man and her dress-hating bridesmaids. Meanwhile, Alan and Amy try to cut prices by rental Feeny together the large day"s music attraction. Judy: Meagan Fay. Feeny: wilhelm Daniels. Eric: will Friedle.

Episode 7

It"s around Time

Fri, Nov 5, 1999 30 mins

part 1 of two. Cory and also Topanga"s big day hits a major hitch after ~ Eric transforms their wedding locale and Shawn (Rider Strong) quits as best man. Minister: Willie Garson. Rhiannon: Marcia Cross. Jedediah: mark Harelik. Feeny: william Daniels. Amy: Betsy Randle.

Episode 8

The Honeymooners

Fri, Nov 12, 1999 30 mins

Conclusion. Eric adheres to Cory and also Topanga to their tropical honeymoon, a destination to i beg your pardon the newlyweds are thinking that relocating---permanently. Yet as the days walk by, each of the trio discovers the true definition of family and friends, and also the comforts the home. The Nelsons: john Ingle, ann Haney. Cop: Michael Dempsey. Amy: Betsy Randle. Eric: will certainly Friedle.

Episode 9

The Honeymoon Is Over

Fri, Nov 19, 1999 30 mins

The honeymoon is over because that Cory and also Topanga when the newlyweds establish they have actually no house to call their very own after Shawn moves into the girls" apartment and the Matthews refuse to take it them in. The male Triplets: Ted, Tim and Tom Difilippo. The Dahms: Nicole, Erica and also Jaclyn Dahm. Kelly: Marisol Nichols.

Episode 10

Picket Fences

Sun, Nov 21, 1999 30 mins

Cory and Topanga realize that a home is no for lock after Shawn (Rider Strong) sells them on working with each other to settle up their apartment. Meanwhile, Angela and Rachel pat the roommate shuffle once again; and Jack and also Eric acquire a brand-new boss at the college student union. Bridget: Nicole Eggert. Mrs. Stevens: jone Worley. Kelly: Marisol Nichols.

Episode 11

What a Drag!

Fri, Dec 3, 1999 30 mins

Jack and Eric find life a drag when they pose together women---ugly women---to escape the clutches that a campus goon (Andrew Levitas). Meanwhile, Topanga can"t repaint over she horror once Cory redecorates the apartment. Cory: Ben Savage. Jack: Matthew Lawrence. Shawn: driver Strong.

Episode 12

Family Trees

Fri, Dec 17, 1999 30 mins

Fred Savage command this illustration in i m sorry Shawn (Rider Strong) struggles to expropriate the fact that he has actually no idea that his parental are. Meanwhile, Eric puts with each other a surpise party for his dad, who has an even bigger surprised for the despondent Shawn. Chet: Blake Clark. Angela: Trina McGee-Davis. Rachel: Maitland Ward.

Episode 13

The Provider

Fri, january 7, 2000 30 mins

Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga"s love nest turns right into a fight zone after she soil a far better job 보다 his at-home telemarketing gig. Meanwhile, Eric gets his money"s worth out of a happy penny, until he overcome it on come his brother. Rachel: Maitland Ward. Rocco: Brandon Molale. Jack: Matthew Lawrence. Shawn: rider Strong.

Episode 14

I"m Gonna Be choose You, Dad

Fri, jan 28, 2000 30 mins

Topanga (Danielle Fishel) develops an acute instance of Cory-itis after that overreacts to his short score in a magazine"s wellness quiz. Meanwhile, Eric joins the family business and shocks his dad by doing well at it. Dr. Feldspar: Ted Kairys. Rachel: Maitland Ward. Alan: wilhelm Russ. Angela: Trina McGee-Davis.

Episode 15

The War

Fri, Feb 11, 2000 30 mins

A fierce battle of pranks ensues after ~ Cory and Shawn slim Rachel (Maitland Ward). Mr. Feeny: william Daniels. Jack: Matthew Lawrence.

Episode 16

Seven the tough Way

Fri, Feb 11, 2000 30 mins

after a battle of harmless pranks goes also far and also threatens to rest up the old gang, Feeney (William Daniels) actions in to help mend fences. But he find that even his treatment may not be enough to reunite the once-tight teens. Topanga: danielle Fishel. Cory: Ben Savage. Rachel: Maitland Ward.

Episode 17

She"s having actually My Baby back Ribs

Fri, Mar 3, 2000 30 mins

when Topanga (Danielle Fishel) diets to stem a slight weight gain, Cory panics that her brand-new size may be due to a different form of infant fat. Meanwhile, Eric has a tough time watching his very own weight. Rachel: Maitland Ward. Jack: Matthew Lawrence. Amy: Betsy Randle. Alan: wilhelm Russ. Feeny: william Daniels.

Episode 18

How Cory and Topanga obtained Their Groove Back

Fri, Mar 17, 2000 30 mins

Cory and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) try to burned their humdrum personas by hosting a bash ~ above the exact same night as the school"s biggest party of the year. Meanwhile, Jack concocts a get-rich-quick plan after a bang on the head bestows Eric through telepathic powers. Rachel: Maitland Ward. Jack: Matthew Lawrence. Punk: plunder Evors. Angela: Trina McGee-Davis.

Episode 19

Brotherly Shove

Fri, Mar 31, 2000 30 mins

household ties threaten come choke Eric and also Cory as soon as they argue end what come sell---and what to save---at a Matthews" garage sale. Meanwhile, Jack and also Shawn try to become much more brotherly, yet can"t discover anything in usual to link over. Will Friedle. Man: Jesse Corti. Woman: Janet Blake. Nurse: Cleo King. Rachel: Maitland Ward.

Episode 20

As Time go By

Fri, Apr 7, 2000 30 mins

A film-noir spoof find Topanga (Danielle Fishel) bring about waves at a placid resort whereby her uptight means lead who to murder. Cory: Ben Savage. Rachel: Maitland Ward. Angela: Trina McGee-Davis.

Episode 21

Angela"s Ashes

Fri, Apr 28, 2000 30 mins

Fred Savage directed this illustration in which Shawn hits stormy waters together Angela preps to move overseas through her dad (Julius Carry). In an additional plotline, Topanga pursues a task in new York, though a clueless Cory misses the boat on her very own plans to relocate. Angela: Trina McGee-Davis. Eric: will certainly Friedle. Jack: Matthew Lawrence.

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Episode 22

Brave brand-new World

Fri, may 5, 2000 30 mins

part 1 of two. In a clip-filled collection finale, Cory and also the corridor bid Mr. Feeny farewell together he and also Topanga head to brand-new York. Meanwhile, Jack, Eric and also Shawn make huge moves of their own. Feeny: wilhelm Daniels. Cory: Ben Savage. Rachel: Maitland Ward. Shawn: driver Strong. Eric: will certainly Friedle. Jack: Matthew Lawrence.

Episode 23

Brave new World

Fri, might 5, 2000 30 mins

Conclusion. In a clip-filled series finale, Cory and the gang bid Mr. Feeny farewell together he and Topanga head to new York. Meanwhile, Jack, Eric and also Shawn make big moves of your own. Feeny: william Daniels. Cory: Ben Savage. Rachel: Maitland Ward. Shawn: rider Strong. Eric: will certainly Friedle. Jack: Matthew Lawrence.