As component of our orthodontic practice in El Dorado Hills and the neighboring communities, we think every patient is a rockstar. So whether it’s digital or in ours office, when patients pertained to us v questions, we take the moment to resolve their needs and concerns.

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Many patients have actually contacted united state to ask around getting braces for the height teeth just or (less often), whether they can gain braces for the bottom teeth only. Because this is a common question, we’ve request Dr. Datwyler come share some information on single arch treatment — what the is, as soon as it’s effective, and also when it’s not.


When patients ask around braces ~ above the optimal teeth only, the factor is typically due to the fact that they feel like their bottom teeth are straight (or straight enough), and that they’re less visible anyway. They space mainly came to with boosting the look of their top teeth and don’t see why castle would require braces ~ above the bottom teeth in this case.

Plus, the seems like it would be fifty percent the cost, right? half the braces means fifty percent the work, which seems like it would be fifty percent the cost. We understand that many families are trying to stretch their budget plan as far as it deserve to go, for this reason we certainly understand where this concern comes from.

While it might sound prefer a good idea in ~ first, solitary arch orthodontic therapy is only effective for a very tiny percentage that patients.

What Is solitary Arch Orthodontic Treatment?

Single arch therapy (also referred to as one-arch treatment) entails using braces or Invisalign on just the top teeth or simply the bottom teeth, but not both.

When Is single Arch Orthodontic therapy Effective?

After feather at her “bite” (basically, the relationship in between your upper and lower teeth), an orthodontist can recommend just top this braces or bottom this braces to exactly an “overbite” or “underbite.” together we discussed, there’s a very tiny percentage the patients that qualify because that this treatment because there are so many factors that have to line up because that it to be effective.

It’s crucial to remember that your teeth aren’t just crooked or straight. Throughout her life, your jaw and your teeth have actually been lining up through one an additional to form a “bite.” together imperfect together your teeth and jaw might be, lock have adjusted to one another to form a working connection forged end the years. This is true during your breakthrough as a child, and it continues throughout her adult life, as well.

When Is gaining Braces on just the top or Bottom Teeth no Effective?

What happens as soon as you take it this bite and rearrange half of it is, her teeth may look closer to the means you want, but your bite will certainly be off.

A poorly aligned bite will reason cascading problems that will must be addressed. Otherwise, over time, the discomfort transforms to pain, and at the point, you’ll have to re-start the orthodontic procedure all over again.

This is just one of the reasons the fly-by-night, mail-order remedies for clear teeth-straighteners aren’t the best idea for many people. They will straighten her teeth, yet they can’t change for her bite. In our office, we very closely review her scans, pictures, and also x-rays, and also we construct a treatment setup for straightening her teeth, also if it’s just the optimal or bottom which need straightening, so the you gain the laugh you want, and also your bite is organically changed throughout the course of her treatment.

We don’t desire to paint a scary snapshot of what orthodontic care entails. We do what us do since we love people and also want to assist them get the finest smile lock can obtain whether through timeless braces, Invisalign, or Clarity progressed ceramic braces.

We additionally know the in order because that braces or Invisalign to work-related the means they are an alleged to work, we have to prescribe a treatment arrangement that it s okay the whole mouth — teeth and jaws — working in harmony.

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Can you gain treatments for just the optimal or simply the bottom? Yes, yet only in rare instances after we’ve drafted a therapy plan. The treatment plan would have actually to plainly show the your bite would in no means be adversely affected by one-arch treatment.