This is a guide to the next Quest, A Gift because that My Beloved, in Legend that Zelda: Breath the the Wild. Below you can find the quest walkthrough, whereby to start A Gift because that My Beloved and all pursuit rewards.

How to start A Gift because that My Beloved

A Gift for My lovely Location

pursuit Giver place
Hateno Village

To start the quest, speak with Manny outside the inn in Hateno Village.

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A Gift for My lover Walkthrough

Guide Overview


Find the end what Prima likes
Gather Restless Crickets
Return come Manny
Talk come Prima
Go inside the inn and also ask Prima what she likes.
Go back to Manny Return to Manny and tell him around the crickets. He will certainly then ask you to collection 10 Restless Crickets.

Go outside the town for Restless Crickets Head come the grasslands close to Hateno town and begin collecting crickets. girlfriend can discover Restless Crickets by cut the high grass and also picking them up prior to they escape.

Return come Manny

Return come Manny Return to Manny and give that the crickets. That will provide you a Silver Rupee in return and complete the next quest.

A Gift because that My Beloved search Rewards


Manny will give you a Silver Rupee after return to him v the Restless Crickets.

Adventure log in Entries

This is a complete list the the Adventure log entries because that A Gift because that My Beloved.

entrance Entry text
Quest Start A friend of Manny"s wants much more than anything to capture the eye of Prima, owner that Ton Pu Inn. every you have to do is ask Prima what she loves most.
1st Update Prima claimed her dream is to have a arsenal of 100 restless crickets. You need to break the news to Manny.
2nd Update Upon finding out that Prima"s dream is to have a repertoire of 100 restless crickets, Manny enlisted your aid as a pest catcher. start by collecting 10 restless crickets and also bringing them come Manny.
Quest Clear You yielded the 10 restless crickets come Manny and also received a reward.

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He confessed the he to be the one that wanted to catch Prima"s eye. His arrangement now is to find the other 90 restless crickets top top his own and present them come Prima when he asks her out on a date.It seems you"re off the hook...

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