By Celia Yeary
One thousand White Women-by Jim FergusA Review and also CommentaryBlurb:One thousands White Women is the story of may Dodd and a vibrant assembly the pioneer womenwho, under the auspices of the U.S. Government, take trip to the western prairiesin 1875 to intermarry amongst the Cheyenne Indians. The covert and also controversial"Brides because that Indians" program, released by the administration ofUlysses S. Grant, is plan to help assimilate the Indians right into the whiteman"s world. Toward that finish May and also her friends embark top top the adventure oftheir lifetime. Jim Fergus has actually so vividly shown the American West that it is asif this diaries space a capsule in time.

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~~*~~*~~One thousand White Women:The newspaper of might Dodd by reporter Jim Fergus was published in 1998. That is created as a series of newspaper chronicling the adventures ofan "J. Will Dodd"s" ancestor--May Dodd-- in a "Brides forIndians" program of the United says government.The premise of the story is the the north Cheyenne indians areshrinking in numbers and seek a means to assimilate into white society. Theydecide to marry white women and have half-blood children, permitting the twocultures to blend naturally. The Cheyenne Chief small Wolf approachesPresident Ulysses S. Grantwith the proposal to profession 1000white females for 1000 horses, an market publiclyrefused by the government.However, the U.S. Federal government sees placating Indians together being to theirbenefit, therefore they start the "Brides because that Indians" program in whichwomen who are physically healthy and also of kid rearing period may volunteer to go. In order to store the arrangement unpublished, they offer the trip to females inprisons, asylums, and other restrictive situations.In Chicago, may Dodd was born into a well-off family however she fell in lovewith a man who to be "beneath" her, and also bore his two kids out ofwedlock. Her household had she institutionalized in a mental asylum and also had herchildren bring away away. The "Brides because that Indians" routine sounded favor a means out the theasylum, so she joined and started a life of adventure.~~*~~*~~The publication is Fergus" debut novel basedpartially on truth blended with his wonderful creativity to tell a story of aremarkable group of ladies who undertook an adventure right into the soil of theCheyenne in 1854. "The women relocate out west tobecome the brides that Cheyenne warriors," Fergus said. "It is based ona true event." FACT: In 1854 a group of Cheyennechiefs requested of the white authorities one thousands white ladies as bridesfor your young warriors. The Cheyenne were a culture in that any child bornautomatically belonged to the mother"s rather than the father"s tribe. Together earlyas 1854 the Cheyenne saw that their life as they knew the as complimentary people wasgoing to be soon swallowed by the whites. They experienced this as the perfect means toassimilate themselves into white culture. All of their offspring, from theirway that thinking, would automatically be white people. But, the peace conference whereby theCheyenne made your proposal dropped apart and also the females were no actually sent tomate v the Cheyenne. "But in my book they do,"Fergus said. Fergus was researching a non-fictionbook about the Cheyenne for a biography of small Wolf, chef of the Cheyennenation, when he learned about the request for the women. The knew he couldexpound on the subject and turn it into a novel around what could have taken place if the chiefs had actually not to be refused. "I wasn"t sure simply what ns wasgoing to do with the information at first," the said. "I believed itwas walking to it is in a non-fiction book. Then I believed it to be going to be acollection of three novellas. My agent decided to fall the various other two and also turnthis one into a novel. I was an extremely intrigued through this, ns couldn"t gain it the end ofmy mind. I obtained to reasoning what if it yes, really did happen."
If one walk not read the descriptioncarefully, one would read this novel as a true story--May Dodd"s story. There to be no might Dodd.There are some who preserve the taleis all true.The writer created this story, yet hedid use several non-fictional entities to his novel, including:Chief small Wolf that the north Cheyennetribe. Description of many Cheyenne beliefs.The military required move come thereservations. Some other cases are adapted fromreal life, including tiny Wolf"s murder of a tribe member and also exile.

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One ThousandWhite Women have the right to be found in ebook form, hardback, and paperback. Iread this novel numerous years back by check it out of our city library.