British Diplomatic depiction in unified States.

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information on consular services of the brother Consulate in mountain Francisco. Top top this website you will find information top top visa applications because that the purpose of marriage, study, living v your partner and general visits. Furhermore we offer particular information on acquiring married abroad, overseas British birth regulations, fatality of a British citizen abroad and also British passport renewals.


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Contact Details:

British Consulate basic in san Francisco, United says - 1 Sansome Street, Suite 850 - mountain Francisco, CA 94104 - joined States



Telphone number:

(+1) (415) 617 1300

Fax number:


Andrew Whittaker - Consul General

Office Hours:

By appointment

Up to date Travel Advice indigenous the british Government

When travelling abroad it is constantly best to save up to date with situations in he countries you are planning come visit, specifically if her planned destinations space in locations of instability.

Always examine the foreign travel advice provided by the british government.

Many links noted by this website are direct links to official pages the advice offered by particular British embassies, consulates or high commissions from their various locations roughly the globe.

They are well maintained and administer you with up to day information top top the state of current affairs in the country and how lock may affect tourism or expatriates working there.

Make sure prior to you travel

That the brothers consulate you plan to visit can provide you v the assistance you need and also check the you have actually all the documents required, nothing is much more annoying then having actually to return due to the fact that you go not carry with friend all essential documents.

British Visas

In the Visa section of this websiteyou will find extended details on UK Fiancee visas and also Spouse visas. Separately we devoted a special web page on Student Visas and also a General Visitor vi page consisting of links to visa applications creates for every visa type. You also find info on the latest visa requirements.

British Passports

In the Passport section the this website friend will uncover all information concerning the rejuvenation of brothers passports, lost or stolen passports, emergency travel documents and the new rules worrying passport photos. In addition you will uncover info on the different form of passports and also how much they cost and links to can be downloaded application forms for every type.

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British Consulate matches British Embassy

A brothers consulate is prefer a mini brothers embassy or satellite the the brothers embassy manned by fewer staff members and is headed by the (Honorary) Consul.

Most brother consulates, however not all, will certainly be able to carry out most that the services provided by an brother Embassy yet on the spot, at a local level, commonly quickly and also including, because that example, consular help to brother nationals who can be situated adjacent and usually room able to help with such consular solutions likevisa applications, lost, damaged or stolen passports, jail visiting, aid with residential matters such together births, deaths and also marriages, etc.