Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) uncovers his father’s secret. As it transforms out, he has actually a half-sister living on the outskirts of Dallas, Texas. In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Season 5, illustration 17, title “DFW,” Jake paris his sister to spend some time through him in brand-new York. Yet as it turns out, his sister is no what that expects. In one unfortunate turn of events, Katie Peralta (Nasim Pedrad) decides to remain in new York because that good—at least that’s what she thinks.

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Peralta From another Motha

While Jake and also Amy await Katie’s arrival, Jake feels a little pessimistic about the situation. He starts to overthink things. What if her fifty percent sister is a full opposite that him? once Katie arrived, she did that in style. And by “in style,” it means “in handcuffs” and also “dragged through the police.” Jake goes back to being pessimistic about the whole idea of a far-off family.


In a restaurant, Jake catches up v Katie and also Amy. Yet as it transforms out, Katie is a true con artist. In an attempt to salary for their dinner, Katie whips up a Ziploc complete of damaged glass. She place glass on she finished plate and screams the there’s glass in her food.

That night, Katie brings home a street performer to Jake’s and also Amy’s apartment. Katie mentioned previously that she would choose to experience the real new York. Again, by “real new York,” Katie meant taking tourist images like a normal tourist. Once Jake and Amy is around to go to sleep, they overhear cluttering in the life room. As it turns out, Katie and a street performer named William (Michael Daniel Cassady) are having sex.

The next day, Katie decides that she need to live in new York. She likewise thinks that Jake contacting her was one escape native Dallas. Jake isn’t pleased with the idea. Instead, that plans to get rid of Katie in the most organic way. Jake traces Katie’s ex in Dallas. A male named cut (Kirk Fox) transforms out to be a prisoner from Dallas. Jake flew him into brand-new York.

Katie spots cut in the street while they come residence from a trip. Back in the apartment, every is well. Katie packed her bags and also is all set to go. Yet the street performer, William, comes in due to the fact that he left his wallet in the life room. Kurt finds out that William and also Katie had sex. Katie cheated ~ above him, and also that made that mad about it. Cut leaves Katie and also never looks back.

Meanwhile, Katie finds out about Jake’s arrangement of getting rid the her, making her mad. Katie leaves the apartment and also heads residence to Dallas. But before her flight, Jake conserves her from an additional act. Katie sliced her hand through a broken glass for this reason she can get upgraded to company class. However someone experienced her slit her fingers v a shard. Jake tells the police that he obtained it from there. That asked Katie because that an apology and sets she free.

Lesbian Matchmaking

Meanwhile, Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) it s okay annoyed through Gina (Chelsea Peretti). Gina insists the she brews a date for the now-single Rosa. However, Rosa believes the Gina is no good for this sort of thing. She a lousy matchmaker.


Throughout the day, Gina bugged Rosa about her plan of acquiring Rosa a date. Yet Rosa declines the offer, however not till Gina brings the end her synthesizer with tape-recorded vocals the Captain beam Holt (Andre Braugher). As it turns out, Gina taped Captain Holt’s voice for two years therefore she can make any type of sentence in Captain Holt’s voice.

With the synthesizer, Gina summons Rosa come the briefing room. Gina made a presentation that the possible dates the Rosa might take. Yet Rosa is still hesitant around Gina’s skills in matchmaking. In the end, Rosa offers Gina a chance. But this is the just chance Gina’s going come get. Although it is the case, Gina says she only demands a shooting to obtain things right

Gina sets increase Rosa through a blond chick called Irene (Amanda Rea). Once they notified drinks, Rosa spots the bartender named Aubrey. In the morning, Rosa comes in late. Gina sees her from a distance and also questions her about time. Gina slips and admits that Irene wasn’t the setup—it to be Aubrey.

Caught off-guard, Rosa admits the she and also Aubrey had actually fun. In fact, they will certainly be having actually dinner again that night. She additionally realizes that Gina is great matchmaker, despite all hesitations.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 5, episode 17: ‘DFW’

All you need to do is to to trust the process. It might be a failure at first, yet learn how to go whereby it goes. It’s no an overnight solution, however a lifetime answer. Prefer Jake and also Rosa, every you need to do is give it a chance and also decide on whether it is a right an option or not.

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