The 2 brothers were arrested in early September that 2015 after allegedly beating your parents, Yvonne and Zachary Ervin, in their home



Two Atlanta brothers to be sentenced to twenty years in prison on Monday after ~ attempting to kill their parents.

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The 2 brothers to be arrested in beforehand September of 2015 after allegedly beating your parents, Yvonne and also Zachary Ervin, in their home.

Christopher, 22, speak first, apologizing come the court and also everyone there. The blamed the event on his seeks to drugs and alcohol, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Cameron, 17, express his regret and also remorse, speak “During my time that I have actually spent in the Gwinnett ar Detention center fighting this case, I’ve spent two birthdays in here. I’ve had actually at least one visit a week, which is at the very least 60 visits, with my parents, one top top one.”

“Thirty minutes a visit,” the continued. “That’s over simply a day, two days spent talking to one another. And also I realize exactly how much ns love them. And also I realize exactly how much ns love them. And I realize exactly how much castle love me.”

The Ervins’ parents, who endured their sons’ attack, request the judge to provide them 10 years in prison, the lightest sentence legitimate possible.

Gwinnett County remarkable Court judge Ronnie Batchelor sentenced lock to twenty years in prison with 30 year of probation after ~ that.

In a frantic 911 speak to later released by Georgia police, Yvonne breathlessly speak to the dispatcher, speak “Please send who to mine house. My kids are make the efforts to kill me.”

Yvonne, 50, additionally told the operator the her boy had struck her and her husband ~ drugging them through Xanax.

“I heard them saying the they put Xanax in our drink,” she said. “That’s why we were for this reason sleepy; us didn’t understand why us were for this reason sleepy, however that’s why.”

“They’re trying come strangle us and also shoot us,” she continued. “They win me up, they beat up. They’re trying to kill us. You re welcome hurry.”

Her husband distracted his sons long sufficient for his wife to contact police. The stumbled to the garage and also attempted to punch the vehicle horn.

When the dispatcher inquiry why their sons to be attacking them, Yvonne didn’t have actually an answer. “I don’t understand why they’ve excellent this, ns really don’t,” she said. “I guess they want the insurance money; I’m not sure.”

When police arrived at the scene, Zachary to be hospitalized in an essential condition. Their sons were immediately arrested in ~ the home and charged with two counts that felony aggravated assault and also two felony counts of first-degree arson ~ police noticed that the home’s gas line had been tampered with, according to WSB-TV at the time.

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“These are not the sons us raised. My sons would not perform something like this,” she said.

Her husband reiterated the message, including “That night, gift in that room, gift in that residence that night, I observed Satan. And I knew shortly after that that what had happened to us wasn’t mine sons. And that’s why I’ve been able come stand through them to be advocates for them.”

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