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Bruce Cockburn Live (1990) & (2002)
Lyrics:Some things in life space bad, they have the right to really do you madOther things have the right to make you swear and curseWhen you"re chewing top top life"s gristle, don"t grumble -- provide a whistleAnd this"ll aid things revolve out because that the best, and...Always look on the bright side of lifeAlways look on the bright next of lifeIf life appears jolly rotten, there"s other you"ve forgottenAnd that"s come laugh and also smile and dance and also singWhen you"re feeling in the dumps, don"t it is in silly chumpsJust purse your lips and whistle, that"s the thing, and...Always look at on the bright side of lifeAlways look at on the bright side of lifeLife is rather absurd, and death"s the final wordWe must constantly face the curtain v a bowForget around your sin, provide the audience a grinEnjoy the -- it"s your last opportunity anyhow, so...Always look on the bright side of deathJust prior to you attract your terminal breathLife"s a item of shit, when you look in ~ itLife"s a laugh and also death"s a hoax it"s trueYou deserve to see it"s every a show, store "em laughing together you goJust remember that the last laugh is ~ above you, and...Always look on the bright next of lifeAlways look on the bright side of life... Recognized comments through Bruce Cockburn around this song, through date:

Editor"s Note: initial song indigenous the Monty Python film "Life of Brian".

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1990: "It seemed like a great time to perform a stunner song. Ns love that song, and I love the movie it comes from, "The Life of Brian", and actually every the Monty Python movie have good songs in them, and also I don"t know, possibly this is the begin of something. I can have to discover some other one for the next tour, ns don"t know. It was so much fun act that, gift able to traction that song out and people would certainly whistle together with the whistling components as you can hear ~ above the record actually. It was great. I wish I might write a song like that. I guess if I"d written a song like that i wouldn"t have actually probably got approximately to act the Monty Python one but, in the meantime the one to be there and also it was good fun. I mean every time ns sing it i visualize the step in the movie in which the occours, i m sorry is the crucifixion step at the finish of the movie whereby Brian and also all these various other revolutionary types are up on crosses and dying in the sun, and one of the other characters comes up, "Man, you understand what castle say" and also then that goes right into the song "Always look On The Bright side Of Life"." - From: Bruce Cockburn Live to add Radio Interview & segment CD, 1990. It is registered by: mark Barnes.

Spring 1990: "I"ve always liked that song and also their ingredient in general, and also it simply seemed like a good thing come do. It was fun and it made sense from the point of check out of some human being who think the here"s this male that only did this heavy, politics stuff, and also was just gonna acquire up and also sing around people"s pain." - From: "Bruce Cockburn: twenty years of to dance in the Dragon"s Jaws" by mark T. Davis in the spring 1990 worry of Dirty Linen (#28). Anonymous submission.

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