Main details — satellite-based tolling device in Bulgaria together from 1 in march 2020, road vehicles with a complete technically permissible maximum weight exceeding 3,5 tonnes turn on paid roadway sections in Bulgaria will need to pay because that their usage distance-based roadway charges – toll. The toll fee replaces the digital vignette for heavy vehicles and also buses.The toll for 1km is distinguished according come the...

Consulate basic of the Republic that Bulgaria in new York held a Christmas concert

The Consulate basic of the Republic the Bulgaria in new York, held a Christmas concert because that flute, violin and also piano. The guests had actually the opportunity to hear works by Schnittke, Rubinstein, Weinberg and also others, performed by Jessica Taskov (flute), Lev Zhurbin (violin) and also Jelena Greenberg (piano). The celebration carried many of ours compatriots and...

Ms. Maya Hristova, Consul basic of the Republic the Bulgaria in new York, participated as a one-of-a-kind guest at the Hanukkah celebration event

Ms. Maya Hristova, Consul general of the Republic that Bulgaria in brand-new York, participated together a distinct guest at the Hanukkah celebration in new York arranged by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) top top December 11, 2019.The celebration point out the beginning of the upcoming year and is a an extremely important occasion in the public life the the Jewish community....

Guide to the Media accredited to cover the visit that Pope Francis come Bulgaria


Ekaterina Zaharieva, Mike Pompeo Reconfirm strategy Partnership between Bulgaria, joined States

Deputy element Minister and Minister of international Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva and US Secretary that State Mike Pompeo discussed the positive advancement of relations between the 2 countries and reconfirmed their strategic character.“This meeting provided an excellent opportunity for us to reconfirm our strategic partnership and also the great contacts...

Ministry of international Affairs that the Republic that Bulgaria statement On the 20TH Anniversary the the 9/11 Attacks

Two decades have passed due to the fact that the 9/11 terrorist assaults on U.S. Soil. Today we lug ourselves come a steady halt that reflection and remembrance. Us observe a respectful minute of silence to pay tribute to the victim of the strikes on the people Trade facility towers, the Pentagon, and Flight 93. We tread carefully due to the fact that words can barely start to explain the...

Congratulatory article of the Minister of foreign Affairs Svetlan Stoev ~ above the 30th Anniversary of the Republic of north Macedonia’s self-reliance

it is a good honor come congratulate the Republic of north Macedonia and also its citizens on the occasion of the 30th Anniversary of its Independence. I prolong my warmest wishes for peace and also prosperity come our near neighbor.As a representative of the country, i beg your pardon was first in the human being to acknowledge the self-reliance of the then, Republic that Macedonia the...


The Interim Head that the Embassy of phibìc Macedonia in Sofia, Vladimir Krastevski, to be summoned to the Bulgarian international Ministry, wherein he to be handed a protest note

In link with another act the desecration the Bulgarian national symbols in the Republic of north Macedonia, the Interim Head the the country’s embassy in Sofia to be summoned to the ministry of foreign Affairs, whereby he was handed a note of protest.During the conversation in between the manager of the south east Europe Directorate the the set of...

Генерално консулство на Република България в Ню Йорк

Консулски окръг: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, new Hampshire, brand-new Jersey, new York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont

Адрес: 121 eastern 62nd Street,Nеw York, NY 10065, USA

Тел.: +1 212 935 4646

При спешни случаи, моля позвънете на тел. + 1 (202) 387 0174.

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Работно време 9 ч. - 17.30 ч.

Приемното време на консулска служба е от 10.00 до 13.30 ч. всеки работен ден, без официалните празници, с предварително записан час.

Записването на час за консулската служба можете да направите на телефон +1 212 935 4646 между 14:00 и 17:00 ч. от понеделник до петък всеки работен ден, без официалните празници.


Consulate basic of the Republic the Bulgaria in brand-new York

Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, new Hampshire, new Jersey, brand-new York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont

Address: 121 eastern 62nd Street, Nеw York, NY 10065, USA Telephone: +1 212 935 4646; Оut-of-hours hotline: +1 202 387 0174

Office hrs of the Consular Office: 10.00 - 13:30 h., Monday come Friday, other than the public holidays.

To get the consular solutions you need an appointment. Appointments can be booked end the phone in between 14:00 and 17:00 p.m. Native Monday to Friday, except the publicly holidays.

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