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There space 4 intercity buses per day from Washington DC to Chicago. Traveling by bus native Washington DC come Chicago usually takes around 23 hours and also 32 minutes, however the faster Greyhound bus have the right to make the trip in 19 hours and 49 minutes.

Distance594 mi (955 km)
Shortest duration19h 49m
Cheapest price$57.00
Trips every day2
Most constant serviceGreyhound
Bus lines1

$57.00 is the median price that a bus ticket from Washington DC to Chicago. Any tickets cheaper 보다 $57.00 can be taken into consideration a good deal. It’s simple to uncover a bus ticket in ~ this price or lower when you usage medtox.org to book your expedition online in breakthrough of your take trip date.

over the next four weeks, the average ticket price of a bus indigenous Washington DC come Chicago is meant to range from $57 to $89. If you are looking to travel to Chicago in ~ the following week, girlfriend can find bus tickets beginning from $57. The cheapest bus tickets in the following month are $57 and can be discovered on November 3, 2021.

Traveling from Washington DC come Chicago by bus will price you about the exact same throughout the year. In general, bus ticket prices because that that course are reasonably consistent, so intend to pay roughly $71 whenever you decision to travel.

there is one intercity bus company available to search and book ~ above medtox.org the operates indigenous Washington DC to Chicago. Greyhound connect the 2 cities through bus, it provides multiple reserved buses per day because that you to choose from.

Greyhound is the largest nationwide bus carrier in the joined States, offering cheap, safe and reliable service across the country. Greyhound has come to be a family members name, serving over 16 million passengers every year with everyday trips to over 2,400 destinations. Greyhound performs about 4 bus trips native Washington to Chicago every day, with the average journey taking approximately 23 hours and also 32 minutes to complete. Bus tickets because that Greyhound trips to Chicago usually begin from $57.

Our bus partners have applied several various policies to store you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Native limiting car capacity to improving cleaning protocols and also upgrading waiting filters, bus carriers space committed to keeping a safe environment. Because that details on what each agency is doing to ensure your fleet continues to be safe because that travel, click here.

In addition, federal law requires all bus passengers to stay a challenge covering because that the whole duration that the trip. You re welcome make sure you room wearing a confront mask or you might not be allowed to plank the bus.

you re welcome visit our COVID-19 Travel guide for an ext information on all carrier policies and the latest travel advisories authorize by every U.S. State, Canadian province, and also European country.

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The bus take away an typical of 23 hours and 32 minutes to cover the 594 miles from Washington DC to Chicago. However, the fastest bus just takes 19 hours and also 49 minutes. It’s absolutely on the longer side, so arrangement to gain comfortable because that a lengthy road trip. Keep in mind the your yes, really bus might arrive previously or later than scheduled, depending on whether over there is much more or less traffic 보다 usual.