In addition to the game The Witcher 3: Wild hunting (Blood and Wine), the witcher will need to reveal the history and keys of the 2 deceased actresses who met your deaths ~ above the territory of an abandoned amphitheater. The need for together an investigation is due to the reality that after the fatality of 2 actresses an evil ghost appeared, i beg your pardon caused many deaths.

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Amphitheater Location

At the time of the Witcher happen the Knight-Mercenary mission, you have the right to admire the damages of the amphitheater, top top the map i m sorry is located on the opposite side of Lake Tussent. Searching in the districts that this theatre building, Geralt requirements to walk to the opened in the wall and the corpse the a woman lying beside it. Examine the corpse and also take away the wine, as well as the diary.



After analysis the diary that a deceased woman, that becomes clear to united state that in former of united state is the corpse of an actress, who had a dream to become known and also successful, choose the glorious actress Toussinte named Elsa.

In stimulate to gain the most out of her role, this girl determined to go to an abandoned amphitheater, wherein the famed Elsa played every her life. The girl was not even embarrassed by the truth that every the human being who dared to repeat the feat that a famous actress, died near the amphitheater under weird circumstances. Her corpse at the fence states that she shouldn’t hear to weird rumors about all those deaths. We go in the old amphitheater.

With the help of the diary, we also receive info on exactly how to light candles throughout the amphitheater. Us will also learn about the peculiarities that the pre-death theatre performance that the renowned Elsa.

After receiving this information, the Witcher decides to examine and study the really ill-fated scene on which the killing occurred, and likewise to pull the end the creature that caused the death of the girl. In bespeak to light candles, we have to start native the left side, while turning our back to the corpse that a woman.

As quickly as the witcher discovers the candles, the is worthwhile to include the witcher's instincts in stimulate to monitor the path of the dead girl.


We irradiate Candles

We begin the activity from the left side and, making use of the Igni sign, we light every candle. In ~ the exact same time the is necessary not come stray native the discovered traces that the girl, who will lead united state to her corpse. Prior to you drink the wine found on the corpse the a girl, you must prepare for the battle in advance. As soon as the alcohol beginning the blood that the witch, a ghoul appears on the scene. The tactic of battle with this ghoul is simple and uncommon, us lubricate our silver- sword v the proper oil native ghosts, and from the indications we use Irden to minimization the movements of the ghoul.


How to open the Chest

As quickly as the witcher demolishes one third of the life pressure of the ghoul, the enemy begins to call upon his skeletons, which must additionally be killed. Yet at the exact same time, one have to not forget about the ghoul, since, in addition to his danger, he has the capability to regenerate his own life force.

A great sign in this instance will be the sign of Quen, i beg your pardon will aid us block the damage, both indigenous the skeletons, and from the ghoul himself. As soon as all the skeletons and the ghoul room defeated, you must collect her earned trophies, among which Geralt will uncover a necklace in the shape of an amazing key.

Geralt understands the this crucial reveals something important, so we will have actually to discover all the walls of the amphitheater, without leaving its chapels. The subject of the search in this case becomes a kind of niche, i m sorry is equipped with an stole grille. To quickly uncover this niche, you must pay attention to the ruins of the columns the surround the passage we room looking for.


How to complete the Scene

As shortly as we open this cache, we need to open a chest in which miscellaneous treasures room hidden, and a diary. The diary must be read, after i m sorry we will certainly become aware of the whole case that led to the fatality of a well known actress indigenous Toussent Elzy.

From the story that has actually been read, the becomes clear to united state that the actress Elsa has imposed a curse ~ above herself, in i m sorry she proclaimed that in the event of her sudden death, she would certainly make maximum initiatives to revolve the amphitheater and the neighboring territory right into a actual hell. To part extent, she succeeded. At this stage, the passage of the game and also the quest ghoul in the amphitheater is completed.

Additional Information

The task of the ghoul in the amphitheater belongs to the classification of the treasure hunt and is required to obtain the an excellent sword Arondit. To carry out this, we have to prove the "Five virtues", i m sorry should include valor, honor, wisdom, compassion and generosity. Every individual trait is add by a certain variety of quests. The job of the ghoul in the amphitheater describes the high quality of wisdom.

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Once all five characteristics are proved, Geralt will go to the island in Tussent to the hermit, who will say that the witcher will have the last mission, namely, to fight through the security of the Lady that the Lake. At short levels the difficulty, the fight will not bring any kind of difficulties, yet at the level of pain and also suffering difficulties may arise. The catch will be the the witcher will only have limited space to deal damage to the enemy. Not much less flour will carry the abilities of the guardian the the Lady the the Lake, that are based on the use of the magic of water. Due to its features, the opponent can conveniently reduce the distance prior to the witcher, thereby staying clear of health from recovering. As shortly as we defeat the guards, the Lady the the Lake it s her hands us the preferred Aerondight.